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Monday, 3 March 2008

Hitachi Magic Wand

Another little package came in the post this morning.

I was browsing some sites on the web and saw this girl tied up and vibrated by this huge vibrator. The expression on her face said it all really. It looks like it could make a rampant rabbit redundant. I tracked down a UK supplier and ordered away and here it is. Needless to say I hotfooted it up the stairs to the bedroom to unwrap it. It uses American voltage but the good people at included a little transformer to adapt it to UK power. Anyway I had to turn it on.
Bloody hell did it vibrate. Now for you good people out there that haven't seen one, it is a about 12 inches long, with a large bulbous head attached to the handle by a thick spring. I guess the motor vibrates the spring and thus the head. There are two speeds fast, and bloody fast!

I pulled up my skirt and and lay on the bed pulling my knickers aside and turned the thing on to the slow speed. I could feel the power trembling through my hand as I lowered the white bulb onto my stomach. It was a funny experience. Its touch sort of tickled me and the head felt warm as it caressed my skin. I brought it up and pressed it against my nipples, and in next to no time they were hard little buttons poking through my bra and blouse. I opened my blouse and nervously, I brought it down onto my stomach again, edging it lower. I could feel my skin tingling as the head passed over my pubic mound. Then I brushed it against my clit.

Oh boy, was it a funny sensation. I could feel the heat of the head on my skin as I pressed it down harder on to my clit and labia. I was quivering under the power, wanting to thrust against it but also wanting to pull away from it. I came, such was the power of it and I had to will myself to keep it pressed against my pussy as I flicked the switch to full power. The head sort of went into overdrive and it bucked away in my hand. I couldn't last anytime with this thing. I wanted to shout, I wanted to turn it off and most of all I got the urge to pee as the wand made me come again. My legs were like jelly as I went and sat on the loo. I'll have to remind myself to pee before any games, as I wouldn't want any accidents on the sheets.

I examined my pussy afterwards and it was all red. It wasn't sore but it looked like the thing could strip skin if you aren't used to it. I will have to break myself in on this one. I'll put a condom on the head and a bit of KY jelly next time and see if it makes it any better.

Luv E.B x

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