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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Is it wrong to fantasise ?

Peter and I haven't had much happening in the bedroom scene at the moment, so I haven't had much to write about.
I have been thinking about sex from a mental point of view. Hey, it hasn't all been about masturbatory fantasies though.
Since we got a little bored in the bedroom, we have started to experience new things. We read erotic books, look at porn, and discuss things with each other. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. It is only prudence that holds you back, and I am better off with out it, I can tell you.

This is the first of a couple of things I have been thinking about.

Is it wrong to fantasise about other men and women, or positions and situations?

I personally think life would be dull if you didn't have our fantasies. We all get a little bored with repetition. I am sure many men will be thinking of Angelina Jolie while they are having sex with their partners - and their mother-in-law when they want to prolong an erection and to prevent coming to quickly. I have a fascination for Brad Pitt. It's not cool though, to call their names out in mid lust when your lover is fucking you!

The same must be said for sex positions.

Missionary is great if you want to have a kiss. Have him bring one or both of your legs up, so the backs of your knees are supported between his forearms for a deeper penetration, or the ultimate, have your ankles supported on his shoulders for the deepest of thrusts.

Doggy style allows you to be taken by a faceless lover. All sorts of things flash through my mind, and these are a couple of my favourites.

A fantasy rock or film star taking me. There is also the added imagination of me being forced by either a kidnapper or burglar who is molesting me.

I have to say molesting here, rather than rape. Rape is forced and nasty to any victim. It is not this nasty degrading sex I want. It's more the situation I imagine myself in, but with the desire to be roughly taken by the perpetrator, that appeals to me. The faceless fuck can be anyone - well it is my imagination.
While he is in control of the timing of the thrust and how deep he goes, he can also bring his hands into play.
Smacking you may increase the intensity of the fantasy. Also his fingers or a vibrator/dildo can be inserted into your arse.
I would use a condom on the latter, and insist on him playing with your arse to relax it first, and use ample lubrication. I wouldn't recommend him take you in the pussy, then the arse, then back to pussy with out changing condoms or washing in between, as this is likely to cause germs and infect you, internally.
As for arse, then straight to a blow job - well you guys may think it's a porno must, but it's not very hygienic.
So guys, imagine someone putting a cock up your bum and then sticking it down your throat. How would you feel. We need to show a little consideration. I have no objection to my Peter fucking my pussy and then my mouth and back to my pussy, as I like the taste of my own juices. But each to their own.

Cowgirl on top, riding, facing your partner, gives you the freedom to choose the amount of thrust and movement, while your lover is under you. You can have him play with your breasts or pussy or arse.

Reverse cowgirl becomes the faceless fuck again but with you still in control of the movements. Your lover can bring there arms around and play with your breasts or pussy. Both Doggy Style, and this position allow for G Spot stimulation. If you position yourself in such a way, his cock, when thrusting into you, may pressure your G spot on the front wall of your vagina which is about an inch or so inside you between your clit and your navel.
Leaning forward to touch his feet will allow for a deeper penetration.

Well that's enough on positions for now. The Karma Sutra has loads. Many of these are all slightly different, but are usually based around the above. Remember, just closing your legs slightly also adds to tighter friction tacking place, and may be all that's enough to spice things up.

I am starting you off slowly, as I need to break you readers in gently before we get to to the ultimate - the Mongolian Cluster-Fuck.
So get practising, I am.

Luv E.B x

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