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Friday, 28 March 2008

It's all about trust!

Is it wrong to like to be subservient, when it comes to sex ?

I don't think so. I like to dominate a little too. But my kink has to be being tied up. I like the helplessness of the situation. Rope allows me some hope of eventually getting out, while padlocks and cuff don't. I think of me as being a female Harry Houdini. I get elated if I can escape. Then I want to be tied up again. It's also good for a little work out. All the trashing about trying to get free does take it out of you physically.

There are some dangers with being tied up. There are nerves and blood vessels running up the arms near the surface above the elbows, which is why it can be dangerous and damaging to the nerve cells if you cant get free quickly from an elbow tie. This is nearly impossible, by the way.

You may also be over stretching your muscles as they are pulled into a certain position. There is a major vein running down your thigh close to the surface too, so look out for your legs getting pins and needles.

Next up to worry about is the loss of blood circulation. If your skin turns pink you are suffering from circulation problems. If you have tingling skin your nerve cells are protesting and prolonged exposure may cause nerve damage.

I personally don't think the ropes need to be to tight, just well tied to prevent you from escaping.
The person doing the tying should be aware of the above. It's a matter of trust that your partner doesn't want to hurt you, just play sex games.
With the trust, he/she will let you go rather than see you hurt.

Luv E.B x

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