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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Latex Gloves & Stockings Part 2

I left my Peter ball gagged and handcuffed in the lounge while I had gone to wash my latex opera gloves and to find some tissues to mop up any spills. I had just shaved his nether region and wanked him off. I was surprised how he had coped when I had lubed my finger and diddled his arse. On examination of the wine glass I milked his cock into, there seemed an extraordinarily large amount of cum.

I thought for a minute and another plan came to mind. Why let Peter go when, I had him in such a vulnerable predicament. I had got him back with spades for putting his finger up my bum when he tied me up with the scarves. Now was my turn to get one up on him. I poured a glass of wine for myself and took a sip, and a poured a pitcher of water for Peter. I would have him all worked up by the end of the evening and I would make him pay for some Chinese food, too. All this dominating was building up an appetite.

I put my wine, the pitcher of water and a small bowl on the tray and walked back to the lounge. Peter was kneeling on the sofa, face down on the armrest. He heard me coming back and I noticed his head move slightly as I put the tray down on the coffee table. I picked up the riding crop this time, and brought it down with a sharp crack on his rump. I then rubbed my hand over the area I had smacked. I wanted to tease him like he did with me. With the tissues I wiped up the drool he had made from his gag, and any splashed cum on the sofa underneath him. I also parted his cheeks and wiped the excess moisturiser away from his crack,. His ring piece puckered, as the tissue touched it. I was going to have to explore this option again at a later date, but would give my boy a rest for now.

I made him stand up. I got the key and unfastened one of his wrists. "Now tonight is my night to have some fun with you, so don't try to escape." I said. I was half expecting Peter to just explode with rage, but he meekly nodded and stood still. I refastened the cuff in front of him, and ordered him to kneel down. "I am going to ride you. You are going to be my cow." Again, I sensed he thought I was barking mad as I straddled his back. Who rides a cow? As he couldn't see I tapped his thigh with my crop and ordered him forwards. I directed him a few times around the coffee table. I ordered him to stop, I poured a bowl of water and placed it on the floor, Taking off his ball gag I ordered him to drink from the bowl in front of him. He fumbled around but found the bowl and picked it up to drink it. I was ready for this and slapped my gloved hand on his rump. "Cows bend down and drink from the trough", I said trough clenched teeth. "Get your face in the bowl, and don't spill any." He lapped away with his tongue, and it was taking a while, but then he had the idea to put his lips into the water and suck up. "Clever boy" I said to him.

Sitting back across his back, I started to rub my pussy along his spine,. Well why cant a girl have a little pleasure, and it also made it harder for him to drink his bowl of water. He finished the bowl and again I made him crawl blindly around the coffee table. Again I ordered him to stop and drink a bowl of water, before setting off for a third time. Each time gently slapping his thigh to make him go on. Then he stopped and asked me If he could have a pee.

"You will have to learn to control yourself. Cows need to be milked before they are let out to pasture," I added. "When I have finished milking you, you may have a pee." I ordered him to stand up. I collected the wine glass I used before and picked up the riding crop. "Now its not very cooperative is it?" I said as I lifted his flaccid cock with the crop. "If I cant milk you, you cant pee!"

With this he started to wank his cock. "No, that's to fast." I said as I rapped his knuckles with the crop. "Slower so I can enjoy it." He slowed down. I knew if he got a stiffy It would relieve a bit of pressure on his bladder.

I knelt in front of him and I licked his hands and up to the tip of his cock. My tongue circled his jap's eye, and under, flicking at his frenulum. Peter moaned as he wanked away. "Stop." I ordered. I slapped his hands away I took him into my mouth to get him wet. I kissed and bit the tip of his cock making him groan in pleasure. Sucking hard over the eye of his cock, parting it with my tongue. He groaned again. I took him in my hand and gave a little wank. Kissing the tip, and with the flat of my fingers on both hands, wanked his foreskin, in a prayer position. I continued like this till I felt his cock pulse against my lips.

Taking his cock between my thumb and finger tip, I squeezed the tip hard to stop him coming. I picked the wine glass up and put the tip of his cock into the top. Gripping his shaft firmly I wanked his cock until I thought he would cum again, once again squeezing the tip hard to prevent him. Now I wanked him harder. It was frustrating Peter that I wouldn't bring him off, so this time I did. He moaned as I kept the rhythm, and he splashed his seed into the glass. I kept my grip firm and continued until I couldn't get another drop. I put the glass down on the table and took Peter to our downstairs bathroom.

I ordered him to sit and I watched as he sat and relieved himself with relief. He went to shake his penis dry, but I slapped his hand away. "You can only touch yourself when I permit it. Stand." I ordered him to face the wash basin. I turned the tap and placed the plug in, filling the sink with warm water. I placed my arms around his waist and said I would clean him. I took the soap in my gloved hands and lathered up.I took his semi erect penis in my hand and retracted the foreskin revealing the head. I closed my hand around it and washed the tip, moving up and down his shaft, cupping his balls in my hands soaping his jewels. I picked up the soap in my hand and cupped my hands around his shaft and rubbed the bar of soap up and down the shaft. Well, I wanted to make sure he was all nice and clean for later. I could tell Peter also enjoyed it. I rinsed the suds from my hands and cupped water over his shaft and balls until I washed the soap away, and stroked them again with my hands.

I picked up the hand towel and lightly dried him off, before I took him in my hand and walked him back to the lounge.

It was my turn to sit down now. I sat straddled over the arm of the sofa I ordered Peter to kneel in front of me. I guided his head in front of my pussy and whispered into his ear. "I am going to let you eat my pussy now and you had better be good. Stick out your tongue." He did as he was told.

"Come on. I know you can do better than that." I pinched it and pulled it out further. "I want you to lap up my juices, like that bowl of water." I then forced his head into my mound. Enthusiastically he found my clit and his tongue flashed away over it. I leaned back and thrust my hips forward pulling his head deeper onto me. With his fingers he parted my labia, licking them. He thrust them into me. I always liked the way he did this. He curled his finger up and out, in a come hither to me motion, so that as he retracted ready for the next thrust in, he rubbed the inside of my vagina and my g spot. I murmured in pleasure as his fingers worked on me. His tongue now probed me, thrusting into me, and then back again on to my clit. Peter seemed to have no trouble servicing me, considering I had kept his blindfold on. It must be all the practise he does under the duvet. I was glad to find a guy like him who doesn't mind giving me head. He doesn't expect me to give him a blow job either, though it wouldn't be fair to just get all the pleasure all the time. You have to play fair and give a little too.

Peters tongue was building me up to crescendo and I shuddered against the the back of the sofa as I came, pulling his head into me harder. Peter continued stroking my g spot, with his flat tongue maximising the area on my clit, rasped away. I couldn't resist anymore and came again. I trembled under his touch and had to push his head away as I couldn't take a third onslaught. I murmured in happiness. I pulled him up onto the sofa with me and put my arms around him and cuddled him. I kissed him on the lips and said I was very happy with him and thanked him for pleasuring me. That feeling I have after I have just come and want to stretch out enjoying the sensation, wrapping my arms around the guy giving it to me, is the best feeling in the world.

Luv E.B x


Anonymous said...

Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! finally I found the original one, and it's really awesome!! Amazing story as well. Let me tell you, I found this picture by the wikipedia, yes, in the archive about fellatio. No clue if you were conscious or not about that fact, but please, don't ask for deleting the image, be honored instead. I think this, more than nothing else deserves to be perfect example about what a fellatio should be. You're a complete master *-*