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Friday, 28 March 2008

What is a fetish?

Well this is the hard one. I think it is something physical that excites you, and anything that is out of the norm.
There are so many where do we begin? I have thought about a few here, so let me know what you guys and girls think and if you want to elaborate on any more.

Lingerie, basques and corsets. Well this is down to the material. Also we don't dress up like this in this modern day unless you are Dita Von Teese - She is lovely. If I was a bloke I would go for her!. This makes it only for a special occasion. My Peter would have me walk around the house only in lingerie and stockings. Corsets and basques pull us in and enhances our figures. Speaking of the lovely Dita, she has managed to get her waist down to about 16 inches. These garments enhance the breast, making them appear bigger due to the smaller waist line.

High heels/stiletto shoes or boots. Guys like high heeled shoes or boots. It makes it easier for them to push us into bed. Ha Ha.
Really, it elongates our legs making them more shapely too. They also make our bums stick out a bit. I suppose we become more womanly, which is what they get off on. Boots also encase your leg albeit calves or thighs. But I think this leads into the next fetish.

Leather/PVC /Latex fetishes. We have all heard of leather/PVC /latex fetishes. I think this is again due to them shaping the body. If anyone has been blindfolded, don't you think the smell of the garment, or the touch of it on your skin, enhances the atmosphere and any arousal?

Breast fantasies have to stem back to the baby suckling from the mother. This partly explains why we get breast milk fetish, or we like pregnant women. Well being pregnant, when you aren't throwing up every five minutes, made some of my girlfriends feel womanly and I have to admit extremely horny. They went to it like rabbits. I guess it made up in advance, for all the sleepless nights they now have feeding the baby.
Personally, I like getting all wet in the shower and giving Peter a soapy tit wank while he directs the shower head on my pussy.

Dogging. Dogging is where you get off on being watched whilst you have sex, or you get yourself off by watching others have sex.

Hell we can go into many, many more kinks. I know some one who likes to do it in the shower, as it is a clean environment. While another of my friends wants to have sex with her man in the pouring rain, on the ground in a mud bath. Talk about chalk and cheese and two different extremes.

We are all entirely different, yet the same. We all have a wonderful brain to use. It is only our imaginations, our reserve and our prudishness that holds us back from experiencing life. I do mean life, not just about a sex life. But hell, mine gets used more for sex these days. Ha Ha.

Luv E.B x

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