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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Am I me?

Opened up the email a few days ago, and had been in contact with Scott.
He thinks I am not who I say I am. Only guys like sex games and a little bedroom play, he thinks! Put a picture to my face he says.

This sort of made me angry. Girls like a bit of fun and experimenting too you know.
I have been bound in every position I said I have. I have been gagged, vibrated, fingered, fucked and clamped - just as I have written about. I own all the toys and equipment, and have a lovely man who can make stuff for me too. I have even included the sites where I bought the stuff.

I may come across as warped to some and kinky to others. Perhaps it's the way I try to write about my feelings. I am not as eloquent as some and may write on to long and not hold your attention span for long. If that's the case, look at the pictures or the videos I sometimes include.

As we all have jobs and reputations to protect, I hadn't planned on putting my face to the pictures of me I had put up - you aren't paying me for a start. I am trying to use this blog for experiences, and as a bit of education for any novices out there. The pictures I say are of me are real.

I have an account on too. A French girl wanted to trade pictures of us tape gagged. Now I explained I have not been taped gagged, and had none. I was also a little apprehensive to do so - who will see them? She chopped me from her friend list in seconds! So that's what a friend does? Anyway back to Scott.
I stupidly forwarded him a the whole picture of me thrashing about on the rug trying to escape. He hasn't been in contact since! So much for trading.

I am a bloody naive twit sometimes.
So if you plan to trade, get them to forward first. Remember there are a lot of pictures out there in bondage land on the Flikr and Google image sites, that have been ripped off of professional sites.

I have even come across some sites who say they are women and are men. You can tell from the pictures for god sakes. Us girls don't have big "Adams Apples" and need to shave our stubbly necks.

So the gist of my little rant is be careful out there.
If you sense people are genuine, great. If you feel they aren't, don't reply or trade. If you go and meet them, please take friends with you and be in an open place.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x


Jo said...

I'm sorry you have had such experiences, Emma. I treasure the candour with which you write about your experuences. despite what you think from my blog, my bondage 'exoperiences' are purely in the realm of my fantasy..and unlikely to change from that...But I did get to photograph my friend JJ, the bondage model being tied and gagged...I'll have to post some of those pics - my bondage photographer debut - to my blog. I'm happy to trade those!! lol

But seriously, I'm sorry you've had those experiences and just wanted you to know that I value your blog very much. I kind of feel like I'm experiencing the joy of it all vicariously through you. Thank you


PS It IS you who is leaving such lovely comments on my blog, isn't it??? lol

The Wine Guy said...

I love your blog!! I only wish my sex life was this cool!

madjack said...

That's a real shame! But sums up some peole out there who really are so shallow.

Having only just chanced across your blog I'm really impressed with the honesty and 'realness' of all I've read.

I understand some people may be unable to believe women have fantasies as well as men, or that women can be adventurous when it comes to sex (which, given the porn industry and it's presentation of women, may come as a surprise!) I'm lucky enough to live with a woman who is capable of the most amazing things - so I DO BELIEVE!