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Friday, 23 May 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie the ankles and knees

Tie the Ankles:
Take a length of rope approximately 13 foot in length .
From the mid point of the rope, fold it in half. Next pull the loose ends through the folded end to form a noose and insert the ankles between the noose and pull to the desired pressure.This is a larks head. Be snug, but do not to cut off blood circulation.
Wrap the rope around the ankles two or three times in the wrong direction the rope was originally facing. This keeps it taut.
Keep the rope snug against itself, rather than just over wrapping the same piece of rope. It looks neater.
You should be near the end of the rope, but still have enough left to cinch between the middle of the ankles to form a rope handcuff.
Pass both the loose ends through one of the last turns you made on the ankles.
Separate the two ends of rope and using alternate directions, wrap the rope over the ankle and between the soles of the feet.
Bring both ends of the rope to the top of the ankles. Tie a Reef Knot.

The knot is between the top of the ankles so the fingers cant reach the knot easily and try to untie it.
If the hands are tied behind the back, tie the ankle knot at the front, so it is harder to reach with the hands.

With a longer piece of rope you may be able to tie the shoes on.
Women with high heeled shoes may kick them off to gain balance or space to wriggle out of the ropes.
A rope passed at the time of cinching, around the shoe, over the soles near the heel, and back into the cinch where it is tied off keeps the shoes firmly in place.

This ankle method can also be used to tie the knees together, either above the knee or just below them, but if below, tie the rope above the calf muscles, just under the knees. This makes it harder to slip out of the rope.

A slight variation is to cross the ankles, and then tie like the cross wrist method.

A second is to cross one's legs at the knee and tie the ankles and the knees together. The knee being hard to uncross due to the pressure of the rope and its own immobility.

Keep a set of safety scissors handy in case you need to cut away the ropes.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

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