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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie a Hog Tie.

What is a the Hog Tie?
This comes from a derivative of capturing animals ie the tying of three of its four hooves together.

First the sub lays on their stomach.Their hands and legs are tied.
Either some rope is left long at the wrist, or the legs.
The excess rope connects the legs and the wrist together pulling the leg to about 90 degrees or so and finished with a Reef Knot.

The closer the legs are pulled up to the buttocks, the harder it becomes to move about. The torso becomes limited to mostly side and stomach movements as you roll around trying to escape.

To make this a harder tie, you can tie the knot to a chest harness preventing the hands reaching the knot.

I hope you like the picture from

Keep a set of safety scissors handy in case you need to cut away the ropes.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

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