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Saturday, 26 July 2008

I am being read - Whoopie

Hello out there in bondageland.
I started this little blog for my own piece of mind and to gush my thoughts and feelings into print. It was to try to dispel the sordid side of bondage, made so by prudes with no imagination, so we can enjoy it.

But checking out all the nice comments and positive feed back is really lovely. I never really expected to get as many comments and hits on the blog as I have. So thanks very much to you all.

My biggest shock however, comes from a little post I made a week or so ago about Damsels In Distress.
One of my latest comments came from the blog of a genuine, honest to goodness, bondage rigger and photographer - Tucson Tied. He even secretly added me to his read list. As we say down under - I am stoked.
He has even worked with that great artist I have mentioned a few times Dave Annis.
So go check out both of their websites. I am off for a stiff drink and to lie down in shock and euphoria.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x


TucsonTied Blog said...

Hey, again, Emma...I just responded to your comment on my blog about Piracy.

Anyway, lemme tell you, this boy is all about fan interaction...I love talking with my fans and friends (especially about, and I'm loving reading your blog!

Like I said on the other post I made here, it's truly a thrill to read the thoughts of a woman who "gets" the concept of bondage, and doesn't automatically relate it with the darker side of things.

Keep up the geat work...I'll be sure to keep on reading!

Incidentally, Dave Annis is a geat guy and had been a wonderful friend to me..I'll be sure to pass on to him that he has a fan hee in blogland!


TucsonTied Blog said...

Just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Dave Annis about you tonight...we went out for some dinner and to talk about future shoots. He's loving the fact that his work is loved by you...and just wanted me to tell you he's fine with you posting it long as it's in moderation (no more than 4 cartoons ber blog entry), and that you always post the link to the site along with the work. Since you're already doing both of those things, I'd say you were

Take care, lady...can't wait to read your next entry!