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Friday, 4 July 2008

Why I like damsels in distress . . .

Well if you read my first post it told you how I came to experience my first bondage. It was playing Cowboys and Indians in the bush of Australia.
Although I like being a girl, I am not really a girly girl, and liked to be a tom boy too. I grew up watching a lot of the old black and white re runs of the 40's, 50's and 60's film clips on the T.V.
There was a lot of superman with George Reeves rescuing Lois Lane. Then there was the Zorro series where the young Spanish girls got rescued "by the Fox so cunning and free".
I also liked to watch the old Flash Gordon series with Larry Buster Crabbe where it always ended with either him or Dale Arden in some form of peril. Lets hope the new Flash Gordon series is as good.
The ultimate series for damsels in distress though (for me anyway),was the re-runs of the 60's Avengers, with Patrick Macnee as John Steed, Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale, and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. It was this that probably got me hooked into wanting to be the damsel in distress. This chemistry between Steed and Emma on screen is incredible to watch. She was strong and feisty and could look after herself, but when in peril Steed comes to the gallant rescue, or she manages to get herself out of a scrape. The American tv networks didn't buy the later series so it stopped in the late sixties, only to be brought back as the New Avengers. I don't think this had the same chemistry.
My ultimate cartoon heroine that was always getting tied up was Penelope Pitstop. I managed to link a clip from a few days ago. Talk about bringing memories of my childhood back.

I like to look at the web for pictures of girls all tied up. This doesn't make me bi-sexual. But to be honest, us girls have better looking bodies naked than you guys with your things dangling all over the place. It also allows me to devise how they ended up in their predicaments.
Were they kidnapped for ransom; was it a jealous rival; tied by robbers; an evil slave trader? You see the possibilities are endless.
It's all down to escapism. The mind can be a wonderful thing. Put yourself into the character you want to be and enjoy it, rather than trying to escape quickly because there is ironing or washing up to do.

Happy bondage,
Emma x


Jo said...

Ah, to meet another Avengers aficionado! :-)

I think it was probably those b/w Tarzan movies that had the impact on me first..but as a boy with growing sexual urges, it was without doubt Emma Peel. I have them all on DVD now..and they still have the power to inspire!

At last - someone else who understands! Thanks Emma!


TucsonTied Blog said...

It was those blessed "Detective" magazines for me...every month a new batch hit the newsstands with a diferent cover and a different bound woman. The bondage was never all that much...but it was still bondage.

Emma...thanks for the look into a bondage-loving-woman's mind! I've always wondered what was going thru my model's minds as I tie them...very interesting and well-written! Please stop by mine...I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Trav28 said...

God bless Flash Gordon and retro scifi, it has a lot to answer for ;)