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Friday, 22 August 2008

The Competition

As it's the Olympics, and that is all about challenges and competitions, I thought I would tell you about the little competition Peter and I had a little while ago.

Last time Peter tied me up, we made it competitive. Could I escape, and could he keep me restrained? He obviously wasn't allowed to mummify me, tie me to something, or hogtie me. Now that's not real bondage, I hear you say, but you have to give a gal a fighting chance!

I limited him to just tying me up with ropes to the ankles, wrists, chest, and knees, too. He agreed to my terms, so it was a challenge I happily accepted. I love the damsel in distress scenes, and I like to think about how they got into the predicaments in the first place, whist I am thrashing about on the floor trying to escape. Peter cheated anyway. He tied me in a crotch rope.

I took ages, but I managed to come up with a plan of escape. I managed to crawl to the wall, by the door. By sitting up against the wall I could finally rub up and down the wall and the doorway to get my chest ropes suitably dishevelled. I guess those 50's and 60's movies came to mind where they rub their bonds on something sharp to wear the rope down.

This gave me a little bit of wriggle room that allowed me to squeeze my wrists, which were tied behind my back, over my bum. With my hands now under my knees, and me sitting up, I could at least see where the knots were. I could undo the ankle ropes, but it was a bit harder to do the knees as Peter had tied the knot in front.

I managed to pull off the scarf he gagged me with, by bending forward right down to my knees. This gave me enough space to hitch a finger in the side of the gag and pull as I moved my head back upright. I was able to bite and unpick the knots at my knees and slide the rope down freeing my legs.
In a half cross leg position I slipped, first one foot through my arms, then the other, so now my hands were at the front of me and I could again use my teeth on the knots to undo my wrists. Peter was impressed, and said he would try harder next time.

I wont give him ideas but if he cinches my arms to my chest with the chest rope harness, I wont be able to get out. Same thing for one of those square type ties when the shoulders, upper arms and lower arms all look like a square when tied behind your back. I've also seen a ball tie recently.
It looks like they are also impossible to get out of too, but I will have to get Peter to tie me like it to see.

Ps Sorry to write about this so late, but the picture of me on the side of the blog I posted a while back, came from this.

Happy bondage,
Emma x

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