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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hancuffed Hogtie

I have a set of cuffs that include handcuffs connected by a length of chain to the leg cuffs. I have only really seen handcuffs or the leg cuffs but not both, so Peter and I bought them. The only trouble is that when you put them on and get into a hogtie, they leave a large amount of room to wriggle about in.

Now for those of you that read me every once and a while, you will know that I am one of those gals that likes the challenge to escape and to be snugglly tied up. So I asked Peter if he could shorten the chain a bit. Not that I would be escaping with out a key, but I was happy to go into my bondageland dream of the damsel in distress again. You know how it is. Well he duly obliged with some mini padlocks we have knocking around. He gagged me and blindfolded me and then he shortened the chains.

Well he did a very good job of shortening the chains I can tell you. He fist padlocked the handcuffs as close to each other as he could get them, pushing the padlock through the chain links. Then he did the same with tthe leg cuffs. My ankles were almost touching as were my wrists. No worries there, but he went to town by shortening the chain between the two, almost to nothing.

My wrists were pulled down to my feet and the padlock was threaded through the chain which shortened it almost to a few inches and was then locked off. Great! Well it was for a little while. So I am gently wriggling about on the bed, not to much, as I dont want to rub the skin off my wrists and ankles, and quietly mmphing into the ball gag getting into my scene. So about 10 to 15 minutes or so all was fine. Well I thought it was 10 to 15 minutes,but I was blind folded and couldnt really tell you.

The cuffs were not overly tight but not overly loose. I could wriggle in the cuffs a little. The hogtie was what I wanted to do. Consensual bondage is always good. The shortening of the chain was how I wanted it.

But when the chain is really short, it pulls the cuffs and you end up pulling back at the ankles. The metal cuffs bite into your flesh and it starts to ache. Well ache was an understatement. It really hurt my ankles. I guess the cuffs were pinching a nerve. I started to fidget about trying to get comfortable, but moving about was totally the wrong thing to do. I figured I had best sit dead still instead. I tried to position myself on my side and to press my legs against the end of my bed so I wouldn't pull on them and prevent the cuffs biting into my flesh.

After a little while Peter came to see if I was okay. Now we have a little "safe word" thing, I talked about in an earlier posting.
If we are gagged I hum him a tune or shake my head vigorously to let him know I am in pain. So I start nodding my head. Peter ungagged me and asked if I was okay. I had to tell him to lengthen the chain. My overly ambitious hogtie failed after 6 minutes. The looser chain was much easier and did a half hour stint, but I thought I would let you know the down side of what can go wrong.

I guess I should wear my boots next time, or only use the cuffs when sitting down on a chair. Still we live and learn.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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