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Thursday, 4 September 2008

My little gripe about the Web Sites.

As you know I like to dabble in a little bondage now and again for thrills and of course the sex afterwards.

I also like to view the web and see what is out there and to get inspiration, if you like.

What disturbs me though is there are many sights that seem to degrade us girls, both physically and verbally.

Now you will know from my previous posts that I am not really into the bondage and torture side of things. I am more into a little light spanking, maybe some nipple clamps and of course nice snug bondage. I sometimes dress up or wear naughty clothes and have even been encased in a hood too. I love forced orgasms but that would be about as far as "I" want to take it.

There are some people out there that like to experience what I would call heavy bondage. And dare I say it, enjoy it. So they get paid for their time you say, so what. Well that's true.That's up to them, and I am quite liberated enough to say it is their choice in the matter. Some people like to be dominated, and some people like to be heavily whipped and spanked. Some of you even like to play blood and piercing games. Well none of this falls into my moan today, I am just setting the scene so to speak.

What really pisses me off though, is the fact that there are some sites out there, who pay the money and are probably all nice as pie to the girls behind the scenes too. But when they come around to writing the snippets that go along side the pictures or the video they post, they call the girls Sluts or Bitches or Cunts ( the latter I find really offensive).

This could be why society in the past has pushed us women into what was a second class citizen role. There are even places in the world today that still keep us in our place ie the bottom rung of the ladder. Well that's politics, and we don't do that here in Bondageland.

All I am going to ask is that when you are partaking in the odd BDSM fantasy, try to respect us girls. We aren't Cunts,Bitches,Cooze,Whores and the like. We are people and should be treated and written about with a bit of respect. It takes a lot of guts to strip off and be filmed or photographed and to be ogled by you men out there. So be kind.

Happy bondage.
Emma x


Anonymous said...

I am a male, I agree with you, Emma. I for another one do not go for the torture aspect; I enjoy a damsel who is sufficiently bound & gagged, and a little struggling and even a scared look in her eyes is enticing (what is he going to do with me?). I enjoy the damsel-in-distress. I get absolute no turn-on from the name-calling or the degrading of my damsels to a sub-human level; I don't know how humiliating another person can be a sexual turn-on, anyway. But you are right; any lady who allows herself to be bound & gagged for my pleasure deserved my praise and respect...and gratitude! Rob

Emma Bond said...

You are a gentleman and a scholar, Rob.
Emma x