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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fooling around with a toy.

Peter and I went to bed early the other day, and as you do, we started fooling around.

We have a few buzzy friends we play with, and use them to stimulate each other before we get down to it. So there I was taking hold of Peter and running my silver vibrator up and down his shaft and the head of his penis to arouse him. It was getting there, when I decided to bring into play the Hitachi Magic Wand we have.

I wrote a little while ago that it has two speeds fast, and really fast. It's definitely the Usain Bolt of the vibrator world. I turned it onto full speed.

So there I am rubbing the bulbous head of the vibrator up and down his shaft, then lightly over his balls and up under his shaft over the top of the head of his penis, where I start pressing down the vibrators head about two inches from the head of Peter's penis.

This definitely brought about an explosive reaction. His penis although only semi erect started to twitch and convulse. It danced around two or three times then I noticed Peters balls contracting and he came.

Peter said he knew he was going to come, but it didn't feel like he had when he went off the boil. I even managed to get him aroused again, and the same thing happened, only it took a little longer. He was still only semi erect.

It was the first time I used this on him, but I feel I have a nice little torture device in the making, to milk Peter with when he gets naughty.

Has this happened to any of you I wonder?
Happy bondage,
Emma x

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