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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Halloween (fiction)

I love this time of year when the nights grow shorter and the Autumn leaves fall from the trees in various shades and the smell of damp in the air and log fires starting to be lit.
I got home from work late, and quickly had to change into my witches costume for Halloween. I got the candy out in bowls for the kiddies to help themselves to, and lit the little tea light candles in the pumpkin I carved out yesterday. Thank god I did it last night as there wouldn't have been time today.

We had hundreds of kids last year, that we ran out of candy towards the end. I didn't want that happening again, so I stocked up a week ago. I was ready to greet them. I looked myself over in the mirror to check my costume. I had on a short little black dress, that just covered the lacy tops of my stockings, a crooked pointy witches hat with a black veil on it. For added effect I had pinned on some toy spiders. Now all I had to do was spray some fake spiders web from the can I bought, around the hall and change the hall light bulb to red for added effect and turn the dimmer switch down. It was going to be a perfect Halloween.

I love seeing the kids faces when I give them the candy and love the ingenious costumes they come up with.
Well it all went well for the first couple of hours, then about 9:30 the doorbell rang. I opened the door up to find three older looking kids. The tall one was dressed as a Burglar all in black. He carried a sack with SWAG written on the side in big letters, and wore a black stocking over his head with just the eyes cut out for him to see out of.

The second guy was slightly shorter and he wore a Scream costume of black cloak and long white rubber face mask. Those were really popular, along with Frankensteins' Monster and Devil costumes this year. The last guy was shorter then the other two but more stocky. He was dressed as a flasher. He wore a long rain coat opened at the front. I could just make out, that he wore a flesh coloured body suit under the coat, and he had cut off trouser legs which he tied to his calves. He topped this off with a rubber Bill Clinton mask. I though this costume was great. I hadn't anything like it. He looked just like a dirty old flasher. They shouted out Trick or Treat in unison and the flasher opened his coat up. Which caused me to burst out laughing.

I handed them the bowl of candy to help themselves. That's when they rushed me and pushed me back into the hall way. "What the f . . ." I blurted out.
"Come on lady don't may any noise. Last year you ran out of candy. We didnt have a trick ready but we do this year." Came a husky voice behind the Clinton mask.
"Hold her down boys."
The bigger two grabbed me and pulled me to the floor.
"Tie her ams behind her back while I gag her." With that he shoved a white rubber ball with a strap on it into my mouth, behind my teeth and fastened it tightly behind my neck. I tried to scream but all that echoed back was a loud "Mmmph" The Flasher then tightened the strap another notch and only then was he satisfied.

The other two had reached into the Swag bag and found some lengths of rope. They quickly had me bound hand and foot. Then the flasher picked up some more rope and started tying my knees together. Then he started to wind the longest piece of rope around my chest, three turns above my breast, three turns below, then he came through under my arm and around the back of my neck and through under the other arm. Then he cinched between my arms and my back in effect taking away any wriggle room.
He quietly whispered to me that they wouldn't harm me and it was a trick. They would come back at midnight and let me go.
With that they emptied the rest of the candy into their sack and before they left they blew out the candles in the pumpkin and turned the hall light off. They pinned a note on the door for "No Callers Tonight Please" and left.

They did come back as promised and let me go, so I made them do a months worth of gardening instead of calling the cops. I wonder if the Flasher will come back and tie me up again next year?

I got the idea of this story from the two pictures from SURFERTOM007
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Happy Bondage
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Anonymous said...

I love this pitchure, this girl is so lovely

Emma Bond said...

She is.
A picture says a thousand words. That's why I wrote the story.
Check out this guy's link. There are lots more pictures there.