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Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Hood

I felt the steel cuffs circle my wrists. I heard the ratcheted click until I feel the bite of steel as it pinches against my flesh. Helpless hands, useless now; pinned behind my back.
My jaws ache from the large ball that was thrust forcefully behind my teeth. My tongue forced down yet I could still feel and taste the latex, as he tightened the strap another notch behind my neck. The ball pushed deeper into my mouth. I squeal, but to no avail.
I felt the tight leather hood placed over my head.
He stroked my hair back away from my face gently, before he enveloped me in darkness.
The hood adjusted slightly so my nose found the breathing holes, then his fingers pulled tightly at each and every cross of the laces. I felt the pressure of the leather as it clasps against my cheeks and as my ears were pressed to my head. Only darkness now, as I am left to my thoughts.
I can only just hear the faint jangle of the cuffs as I struggle to be free from my bonds, but my exertion only causes me to gasp deeply for breath. The drool from the ball in my mouth flows, and adds to the clammy hood, as the sweat pours from my brow from my struggles which are vain.


goooooood girl said...
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Submissive Sought said...

I love using a hood. Unlike a blindfold, it can't slip off. Plus because the sub's face is covered you can take pictures and not worry about her being recognised by anyone.

I always put the gag on after the hood though. A large ball with a hole through the centre so she can breath. It's on a harness with straps over the head and under the chin.

Padlock those and even if the sub's hands are free there's no way she can get the hood off.