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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bettie Page Tribute.

Well Bettie Page has finally been called up to bondage heaven.
She had a heart attack a few days ago, and didn't regain conciousness.
She wasn't the first bondage girl, but she became an icon.
To me, she is girl next door we all wanted/wanted to be like. Clever, lovely, but could also be improper and wild. She oozed sex appeal.
She changed her name from Betty to Bettie. She was a school teacher after she got her degree in the mid 1940's when she was asked to model; and it all started from there.

Working with Irving Klaw and making those cheesy black and white films of her and the other girls; all running around in underwear and spanking, and tying each other up are classics. She also became one of the first Playboy pin ups in 1955. She turned down a screen test with Warners to try to save her first marrage, going on to became one of the women to bring about the sexual revolution of the 60's.
RIP Bettie Page.

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