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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Here is a note I received from my good friend dpsiic

I was having a chat a little while ago with my good friend dpsiic, about damsels in distress and the like, and he saw an interesting article in the daily newspaper. I though I would share some of the conversation we had.

"Hi Emma, Did you see the article about damsels in distress in Mondays Daily Mail? They have a page where people can write in with questions, Someone asked what was the origin of the damsel in distress tied to the railway tracks.
The answer was given that the earlist recorded damsel in distress was Andromeda in greek mythology who was tied to a rock by Poseidon after her mother angered him. Then the theme was continued in Fairy tales such as Snow White until the advent of motion pictures. Then Pearl White was tied to the tracks in the Perils of Gwendoline. The piece showed a picture of Pauline Hutton tied to the tracks in the 1947 remake. Typical Hollywood loosey though, huge rope, hands sort of overhead but just in front of her face. No gag. But she was wearing boots!!!"

Well dpsiic knows that I like getting tied up in my boots, and have an affiliation for the damsel in distress role. You all probably know I like to be properly tied up too, otherwise its not worth doing it. LOL.

We discussed why the evil villain always wore black and a top hat you see in the early flicks. It was to add this aura of authority or menace to the character. The top hat giving an imposing attitude so he looked bigger and towered over you. I guess I would call it the intimidation factor. Black capes and black top hats stood out in those early shows and while the goody always wore white for purity, the villain wore black so symbolise evil.

As mentioned the Perils of Pauline was one of the first, but do you have any old flicks of this nature that you remember and do you want to discuss them amongst us?

Happy bondage,
Emma x

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Ant said...

I could never pinpoint it, but my generation had The A-Team, Knight Rider et al in the 80s for us youngsters, not to mention a few comics. It was their collective I mean cause.

I probably clicked when I ws 8-ish and saw a scene in a God-awful soap called Santa Barbara. It was all downhill after that.