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Friday, 5 December 2008


Well the polls are over.
It shows that you guys and gals are fans of the classic gals.
Eve Ellis polled a few although I didnt have her on the list. Sadie Belle did well, as did Christina Carter, Dita and Andrea Neil. I comment you on your tastes.
I will have to do this again soon with a greater range of gals.

You all love a good hogtie too, so my new poll it to see how you finish off your bondage.
Tape Gag
Tape Gag - with mouth packing
Ball Gag
Cleave Gag
Cleave Gag - with mouth packing.
Tape or Ball gag and hooded.
Harness Gags
Penis Gags
Medical Gags/Mouth Spreader Gags

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