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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Who is the captive?

I was thinking the other day about how we probably all use way to much Internet time sitting on our backsides and not getting out and doing other things.
So there I was, applying this logic to my own favourite pastime.
I surf the net for recipes when I bake, and for holiday flights etc and for the odd bondage idea too. So here is the bondage situation.

We have the photographer and the model. She is trussed up in a hogtie, as this seems to be every ones favourite bondage position from my poll; and the photographer has done the tying up and is snapping happily away.

She has given him her trust to be this vulnerable, and he checks her regularly to make sure everything is okay. Then he lets her go. She gets paid and then goes off to the next job or goes home to think about spending her cash, while the photographer edits his pictures and then puts them up on his website for everyone to enjoy.

With me so far. Good. Here is where my brain cell kicks in and I start to think.

She becomes a captive with out power when she is doing her job. Or does she?
She has done what you all wanted, ie produced pictures for you to be enrapt about.
Now you are looking at them and want to see more. It's like a little drug.
You need to view more. If you liked that set, there has to be similar pictures to view too, right?

Can you see where I am coming from yet? Now you want to see more of her and you are trapped under her influence. Now the roles have reversed. You are like the fawn captured in the headlights, unable to move.

You have now become the captive, and you didn't even realise.

Happy bondage.
Emma x


Rex Venom said...

I wonder..
Rock on!

Ant said...

Sounds like someone's already overdone it on the mulled wine. That's shockingly philosophical for this time of the night.

To be fair, you make a point, but you wouldn't be the first. Poring over the Harmony mags back in the day yielded a vast quantity of rather deep and meaningful notions regarding this interest. The captive's vulnerable position is in fact the most powerful because of the surpeme trsut being bestowed. Which is true in a professional capacity I guess, but I expect the lass in the bedroom would be screaming blue bloody murder if her man didn't take advantage.