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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gag Poll

Hello to you all out there in Bondageland.

Well the gag poll finally closed.
It was pretty much the result I thought would happen.

The "Ball/Penis" gaggers won with 34%. Apparently we all love a good ball gag even if it does make the jaws ache. I think you kinky lot like to see the wearer drool all over themselves. It's one of the things I find most erotic about bondage.
However I have to admit it drives me nuts when I am all tied up and cant wipe it off!

"Mouth Stuffed & Tape Gagged" and "Mouth Stuffed & Cleave Gagged" were joint second with 19% of the poll.

The surprise for me also in joint second with 19% of the vote, was the "Extreme Gag". A ball gag either with a harness and/or with a hood to enclose the head. My readers appear to be even more kinky than I first imagined.

Thanks for participating.
I'll be adding another one soon with the type of attire you like to see us in when tied up.

Emma x

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