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Monday, 27 April 2009

Poll summary

Hi there everyone.
Been faffing around at work being made redundant, and now it has finally happened I am going to be here a bit more now for your pleasure.

Now I have lots of spare time to concoct naughty stories and bondage situations for me to try out. Perhaps you guys and girls what to chip in here and give me something to do, hopefully with ropes :)

First though I thought I would summarise my poll. It was a bit stupid of me having so many options but the general gist of the poll is you guys and girls like to have the girls in lingerie with stockings and high heels or boots. Latex came high in the charts too.

Surprisingly bound naked lagged a bit. And there was me thinking you guys out there would like a helpless person already naked to tease and torment.

So what I would like to know though how many of us girls voted, so get in touch on my email address so we can have a chat.

Happy Bondage
Emma x

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