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Monday, 24 August 2009

Charlotte plays with her man and the Hitachi wand

This inspired me to play with my Peter the same way.

I came across this video the last week and at the weekend, I tried the same thing out on my Peter. I spreadeagled him to the bed and jumped on him and started to tease him. He went hard thinking I was going to climb on top and have sex. But evil little me just sat on his chest stroking his cock for a while then I got off and plugged in the wand.

I rolled a condom on his cock so he didn't splash his cum all over the bed, and went to work on his cock with the wand. He loved the big head of the wand vibrating his glands, and I had him moaning in ecstasy, but when I eased the wand down his cock to his balls he would have jumped a foot in the air and bucked me off if he hadn't have been tied up.

Peter has the most sensitive balls of all the guys I have been with. I had to ball gag him really tightly, but he still he almost shouted the house down. He really hated me putting it on his balls, especially his right one.

Well I only teased his balls for 6 or 7 minutes, and I did almost have him crying too as a result, but when I put the wand against the head of his cock he came a bucket load into the condom. He just seemed to keep spurting.

I dont think he will let me tie him up for a little whilem as he says he still aches a bit down below.

I'll just have to play with the Hitachi by myself for a while. Ah well, it will be his loss, lol.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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