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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I am in a huff so its time to clear the air. . .

Howdy to you guys and gals out there in bondageland. It has been a little while so I thought I would log on and talk about something.

The only trouble with that is, I am a tad angry with my ex boss, so when I vent my spleen, I my be a tad biased.

Well to the point that has made me angry.

Some of you may know, as I talk with some of you via emails, I am currently unemployed.

I am not sponging of the state either,as I got a little package when it happened.
Being an Australian I don't think I should claim, even if I have worked in the UK on and off for over 10 years. I see your benefits as really only being used for you Brits that put in to it, and thus deserve to take it back out when the wolf comes to the door, so not really for us foreigners.

So,now you see some of my principals and how I tick.

Anyway I was outplaced and went up town to London today to see a job consultant. It was paid for by the company that made me redundant, so I have to make use of it, as they were really generous with this package.

So there I was, thinking, as it was a morning meeting to discuss cv's, skill requirements, how to sell yourself etc; I would arrange to meet one of my ex bosses for lunch.

He had bought me lunch one afternoon when he knew I was leaving, so it was my turn to repay the favour so to speak, and anyway I enjoy his company too. I arranged the time, the pub, had the mobile phone on etc, but 2 hours later and not so much as a by your leave for an explanation as to why he didn't turn up. I had even emailed him prior too, as he has been late on the odd occasion, if this was to be the case, to let me know. Anything wrong with that I ask you?

Oh. And just to make sure he doesn't come down the pub when I am not there, I text him not to do so, when I left.

Thinking back on it, I must have turned into a "brain dead little bint" as you Poms like to say to us girls some times.

Yep that would be a fair assumption, but you guys can be really rude when you don't phone back too. It makes me really angry that some of you guys (and girls) think that as "you" are out of sight and out of mind "you" can get away with not reacting or responding to someone. Ever hurt any ones feelings? Well I don't go off crying, I go and make a sarcastic comment to you. "Sarcasm may not be the best form of wit" (which I have to disagree), but it is the best, and the funniest if you know how to drive the point home. Oh and I have a Blog to bitch on too!

What I have noticed by being out of the game, is that people who work in London over the last 10 years or so, have turned into arrogant and rude people. My ex boss not showing up just added icing to the cake. It is a lot more noticeable because now I don't go to town everyday. I came up in casual clothing last week and some of the blokes were barging past and pushing me into the road!

No problem today as I had a business suit and heels on. So what the hell is that all about then? You think someone fits into the city of London and you give them a bit of respect? It shouldn't work that way!

So I thought I would let you guys know a thing or too here! If you stand a girl up on a date, we really do hold it in our little brain boxes. And we always hold it against you for the next big argument, and many other arguments to come!

So beware!

There. That has made me feel all better now. Lol.
E x

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Ant said...

I just returned from a lenthy holiday in the US, where the folks were good-vibed and liking the Brits. 1 hour past Heathrow and I wanted to kill someone. And on a Saturday. Ok, that was the tube but London is like that thoo. Stick to, er, the Sticks. It's what I do.