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Monday, 26 October 2009

I mentioned a little while ago that I was approached by a few photographers that wanted to tie me, gag me, and photograph me to an inch of my life ;-)
Well I found some useful information for those that want to have a go.

1 Check out the photographers portfolio.
Is the photographers work the sort of stuff you want to participate in?

2 Get references.
Check with his models IE get references in regards his/her reputation.

3 How are you to be paid?
Is it time for pictures or time for CD/DVD? This will allow you to build up a model portfolio. The alternative is time for Cash. Cash pays the bills.

4 Lay down some reasonable ground rules.
What you are prepared to do, and what you expect from the photographer.

5 Do you do your own hair and make up, or are professionals used?
See point 6

6 What constitutes the hours you get paid?
A professional make up artist/hair dresser, are on photographers time and you are paid to sit and have it done. You doing yours is unpaid.

7 Bring a chaperon.
Professional people will always allow this. Boyfriends may get jealous, so could you bring a girlfriend? Some photographers prefer this rather than be intimidated by a boyfriend making suggestions etc. Chaperons are NOT paid by the photographer! You can pay them though.

8 Do you provide your own wardrobe?
Do you provide the clothes and lingerie, or will it be provided? You probably wont be allowed to keep anything you wear!

9 Will you be shooting with other models?
Are you comfortable with M/F F/F shoots. Also how erotic or adult in nature will the shoot be?

10 Model release forms. A professional photographer will have a model release form for you to sign. This states along with how you will be paid, what your rights are with regards the photographs. Normally the photographer will be credited with copyright and have full control of how he/she markets the pictures. You have been paid, will there be an additional bonus for the pictures usage?

11 Will you be too embarrassed to show the pictures to the kids in the future? If so this may not be the stuff you want to get in

I found a link to a very informative site. Lorelei's Bedroom Bondage. She has a link called the Bondage University, which shows stuff like bondage safety, ties, a "how to" page, and various ways to make yourself a bondage producer extraordinaire. . .
Have a look.

It shows a form for "Models Preferences" under the title Negotiating A Bondage Scene. It doesn't have the model release form but mentions you can copy one from
on-line, or get them from photographers shops. I found one in a book about photography, so they are easy to find.
The link is below.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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