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Friday, 11 December 2009

Got some new toys for Xmas today.

Here are some pictures of my Chrimbo present to Peter. And yes, as he came home from work early today I let him have them early.

It's a new muzzle harness gag. It straps on very tightly and there is a ball in the muzzle. I tried it out before Peter, and strapped it on very tightly and was really impressed. The strap under the chin forces the jaw closed around the ball, and when the neck strap is done up there is no escape from it unless you can reach the straps to undo them. I tried to scream in it, but could only muster a minor muffle.

Now I havent played tie up Peter for ages, so got the cuffs out and ordered him to get naked, then cuffed his hands behind his back and put on some ankle cuffs. I didnt want him running away. I also strapped his cock into his little chastity belt but before I did it up I put a condom on my little butt plug and shoved it up his arse before strapping him in nice and tight. It has a little remote key fob to turn it off and on and I took great pleasure vibrating him over and over. I think it is a little small for him to touch his prostate, but I did try hard to get him to come. Ah well another time and a new butt plug I guess.

After I strapped him in the Muzzle Gag I ordered him to struggle while I snapped a few pics of it.

Sorry guys if you are looking, but I snapped a few pics of his cock all strapped up. I have to admit his knob looked very purple and angry afterwards. I know most guys dont like looking at that sort of thing, but his cock is my plaything, and it's my blog, so you will have to put up with it. I did take him upstairs after to unstrap it and kiss it better, lol.

Next time I'll order him to sit upright, being 6'2" he tends to slouch a bit.

Now what would I do if I caught Santa breaking and entering? Think he would like something like this rather than a stale mince pie and a glug of brandy?

Happy Bondage,
Emma x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love these pics, absolutely great. Wish I was that man!

Don't worry about pics of his cock. I'm not normally keen, but in this context I don't mind at all. The pics are fantasy for me, wish it could come true.

Can I ask where you got the gag from? Maybe worth an investment...