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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Its Election Time . . . . Just use your vote!

Howdy to you all out in Bondageland.
Again, thanks for answering the polls down the side. If you haven't done it yet, there is still lots of time to add yours.
Now down to the serious stuff.

As an Aussie who's been through a lot of elections back home, I get to participate in your UK election this time.

Now for my profound statement, and you should all read as this is the important bit.
Usually 30-40% of the voting population vote and the other 60-70% don't!
Amazing isn't it!

Wars were fought for our way of life and to be free to vote, and to have our say.
You English guys and girls in the past, killed a king to make sure of it.
Women starved and died to get the women's vote in 1928!
And still the majority of you sit on your arses and say my vote wont matter.

It wont, if you don't get up, and go to the poll station, tick a box and post it!

In Scandinavian countries and a few other places around the globe, it is compulsory to vote. I know its not convenient for you right? Well the bloody poll station is open really early, and closes really late! Surely you can all pop out of the pubs for 2 minutes between the rounds to do it.

How can there be an election when only 30% vote and the rest don't?
Democracy and freedom; for you to do it or not, as you have the choice!
But only 30-40% are picking the government for the next 5 years!
Its still a shocker to me the numbers are this low.

Now in my Aussie eyes, I will sum up the parties involved.
This is the fun part so don't get all political with me as I have my views and you have yours, and possibly we will never see eye to eye, but here goes:-

Now to me it seems that the Conservatives want to cut tax, and shag prostitutes/mistresses and self bondage with oranges and all that ;-))
They are supposedly the upper class twits from Eton and the like, who are ultra privileged and basically out of touch with the everyday person if you believe the hype in the press.

Labour are the poor working classes with the chips on the shoulder because they aren't privileged and didn't go to Eton!
Well if you look at their politicians schooling, they mostly went to a very good high School and a very good University! Well apart from Prescott, but then again, he couldn't string a sentence together with out killing the English language!
They want to shag up the tax system, and also get as much from the personal expense allowances as they possibly can get away with, even if its not ethical and they are technically stealing from your hard paid tax money you all put in.
These Blairite "New Labourites" seem to like shagging too, only now its acceptable and rightly so to have gay and lesbian politicians. Well that's novel, but much more open these days. I mean its not like there weren't any around 100 years ago lol.
Oh I forgot to mention there was all the hype about Brown not holding an election when he came in, so he was not your truly elected prime minister! Well so what. John Major did the same thing, but he did go against the grain and win the next election in his own right.

The Liberals and all the others. Well they also like shagging, and the old leader liked a beer too! Well that's okay nothing wrong with that in my minds eye.
And these guys seem to think that they now hold all the power in their hands and can charge the earth, as they will make up the numbers if there is a hung parliament.

I guess what I am trying to say is they are all as bad as each other. Now for the next month we are going to see them act like school kids again, slagging each other off and moaning about each other.

All of this doesn't matter as long as you vote!
You want to change things?
Well get of your arses go to the polls and make a change.

I don't care who you vote for, just vote for something or someone you believe in. Even if it is only a little bit of what your candidate is going to bring to the table. Don't be one of the 60% moaning after the election that your guy didn't get in. It will be because you didn't use your vote.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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