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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election day.

Gday one and all out there in Bondageland.

Hope you haven't been to down, what with all the political rubbish going on at the moment. The campaigning will soon be over and the politicians can all get back to fucking up the country again, claiming extortionate expenses, and resuming shagging their rent boys or mistresses. Then we may be able to get some decent TV programmes back on the box!

That reminds me I haven't had a chat to my friend Madam U. for a while. (Check out her link on the "Blogs I Read" down the side, here.)

She has her own dungeon, you see. What with all the Tory bigwigs running around the countryside, I guess they may be missing out on the "spanked bottom" treatment these public schoolboys love so much.
These days the Liberal and the Labour candidates are more than likely to be customers too, as they also attended the upper class toff schools but try so hard to deny it. Come on you lot just come out and admit it!

Now speaking of coming out, I would like to think that you can escape just long enough to make it down the polling stations and cast your vote.
I have to emphasise that turnouts are really low in this country.

You cant sit around on your arses letting just 40-50% of the voting public make the decisions. If you don't vote then you don't have a say, and abstaining wont cut it as these politicians are still going to be elected!

Yep! If the population doesn't turn out, then these politicians will still vote for themselves and get in that way anyway! Just because you don't get off your backsides, they will and shoe themselves in that way, if you don't vote for who you want.

So who to vote for!?!?

Even if they all have manifestos you hate, vote for the person who has the most going for what you do want to see.

My personal thoughts on it all. The economy is screwed as there is a £700 billion hole the UK government has borrowed. That's approx £167 billion per year for the last 5 years. My jobs have always been in accounting, so anyone running their businesses,would have been bankrupt long ago if they did that!

There are more criminals on the streets as the current government told the Law Judges they have to reduce the sentencing due to prison over crowding. Now it takes a long while to build some prisons, but I don't hear of any new ones that were finished and put in use in the last 13 years.

Schools are turning out geniuses as everyone now has 10 grade A* GCSEs, but try holding a conversation with the kids and they are all "Know what I mean. Innit"
It is just painful on the ears sometimes.
And DON'T ask them to write you an email, as they all think they can write to you in mobile text speak. "U NO WAT I MN."
C wat I mn. Sorry! You see what I mean. I am complaining about the education too.
These young kids at first appear more mature (well compared to me at that age); yet there is something lacking to make them well rounded. They all seem to want to be TV X factor hasbeens with Andy Warhol's 15 mins of fame (not sure they know who he was though!), or footballers.
Everything they want they get now days with out having to work at it for any of the rewards. I have seen graduates come into an office and refuse to do their filing because its beneath them! Secretaries do it. Well no they don't. So how do we tell them all to "get real".

Banks made all the toxic Mortgage loan bonds, from shear greed, and sold these on.
The banks had to guarantee the interest on the bonds. Now the interest they collect from home loan defaulters was nil. Result - banking meltdown.
Bonds crashed, the banking system was on the brink and the government had to step in to support it all.

Bankers were to get penalised. City fat cats were to pay more tax on bonus. Up to 90%in some cases,and the banks were to pay those loans back as fast as they could.
But did they? Nope. Banks were giving billions of pounds of bonuses to themselves. They still have to pay back the government loans. That's tax money you paid.
They have a good time while we sit inside around a candle for warmth over the winter because we couldn't afford the heating bills. When it got really cold and started snowing, that's when we lit the candle. Brrrr!

Me. It's time for a change. Be it Independent, Conservative or those pesky Liberals; I will make my mind up when I get down the polling station in a few hours.
For me, it is bye bye Mr Brown. Good riddance to all your corrupt,lying,cheating party, who for the majority that escaped the criminal justice unlike we would have, should be locked up.

Happy voting.
Emma x

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