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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wide Spreaderbar Upright Tie.

Well as its back to work time again for a few months, I am performing a glut of bondage to get it out of my system so to speak.

I woke up after dreaming of this tie. It was 2:30 am and I couldn't get back to sleep as I wanted to try it out at once.

As soon as Peter shut the front door to get off to work I was striping off my nightie and pulling the large spreader bar, a leather blindfold, clover nipple clamps and a ball gag, and the leather ankle cuffs from the bondage suitcase under the bed. I found the handcuffs in the bedside drawer but had to hunt around before I could find the key and the travel padlocks I would need.

I put on the ankle cuffs and before I locked the spreader bar to them I checked I had the right keys for them. Naked, I walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the furthest bedroom. I opened the door and as it was a push inward door, I rested the keys on the door handle. I pushed the door and checked the keys would fall easily to the floor. Replacing them back on top of the door handle I walked back to our room. Kneeling down on the floor I padlocked the spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. This really splayed my legs apart. With a third padlock, I locked the centre link of the cuff chain to the centre screweye on the spreader bar.

I popped in my ballgag and tightened it really tight at the back of my neck. Pinching my nipples out I got a good bit of flesh and attached the nipple clamps just under the centre of them. (If you wear them, do this. Don't put them on the ends of the nipples as they damage the nipples.) Yep it hurts going on, then it went to a minute ache.

I slipped on the leather blindfold. It looks like a sleeping mask with a hole for the nose so that you cant rub it off easily. When that was on I quickly cuffed my hands behind my back to prevent me changing my mind and backing out.

Now it was the short wriggle to the other bedroom, knock the keys off the door, locate them and uncuff myself. Easy right. Well it wasn't as straight forward as that.

With my legs splayed so far apart I found it really difficult to shuffle my legs forward to make any headway. I tried to push at the same time with my hands but the cuff chain didn't really give me a lot of room to push with. Bumping out of my bedroom after what seemed ages, I needed a better way to move. My wrists were really hurting and the cuffs were on loosely. It was the rubbing on the bone by the thumb that was making me sore.

I was breathing heavy by this time. I decided that if I could gently lean forward crouching my body up, I could place my forehead onto the floor to use as a guide to help me steer, and also as a feeler to locate the keys.

This position allowed me to use only my legs now to move, so spared me a bit of grief with the wrists. As I was now moving faster, (can you call a few inches fast?),
the chain started swaying a lot on the nipple clamps. Now these pesky clover clamps, when they pull and swing, tighten fractionally. Sore breasts or sore wrists? It turned out to be both I am afraid.

Anyway I got to the other side of the hall, and gently edged into the open door with the keys on the door handle. They didn't drop, so I gave the door a bit of a harder push. It turned out to be a little bit to hard. I heard the keys drop and bounce. So I was wriggling my hands along the floor feeling for them, while also patting my head on the floor. This took bloody ages and I admit my defeat. The pain in my wrists due to the cuffs, and with my nipples seeming on fire, I forced my head as far between my legs as I could and managed to hook a finger on the blindfold and pull it down. I could just about see over the top of it, and to my surprise, the keys had been inches from my hands all along. Really frustrated with myself I backed up over them and quickly uncuffed myself.

I gently pulled off the clamps and grimaced in pain as the blood came back to my breasts. I sat there for a good few minutes while my legs stopped shaking. I was breathing as heavy as a 90 year old man on Viagra shagging a $2000 hooker.

There was drool dribbling all over my chin, all over my breasts and all over the carpet. Leaving the gag in I walked unsteadily to the bathroom. Plonking myself in the tub to wash away the aches. I had only been cuffed like that for 40 minutes and yet it had felt twice that. I removed the gag which was all slimy with saliva and gave it a good wash in the hot water. It was the longer duration than expected, that accounted for the pain in my nipples. I shouldn't have had them on for longer than 10-15 minutes.

Will I do this one again. You bet I will. I'll just add a small length of chain a few inches long and cuff the spreader bar and the cuffs to that. It will make moving forward a little easier to bear.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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