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Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Iced Water Torture Hogtie.

The Iced Water Torture Hogtie!?!
Yep, it seems a bit of a mouthful I know.

It's my last week home before I start work again on contract. It could be a few months or till Christmas, so I am getting a good bondage fix to get it all out of my system.

Now I am not that much of a bondage hardcore sort of girl, but I wanted to tie myself up in a way it would annoy me and I couldn't do much about it.

Now the idea of tying my breasts up for an hour till they are blue and about to fall off, or laying on a packet of drawing pins turns me cold. I used the nipple clamps yesterday, so I deciding to give my breasts a few days off. Oh, I certainly ruled out any pussy torture too, well unless it's with a good vibrator and brand new batteries, and I do this most of the time anyway. So I needed something else.

So how to torture me in a nice gentle way? Then I got down to the stocking and the ice release method. Now what if I could position that directly over me and use it to drip freezing cold water over me. Now in the upstairs hall way there are two doors facing each other and is a small confined sort of space. Perfect to do a test run.

I got up onto a chair and pressed in a drawing pin in the tops on both door frames.
No one will notice the small holes in the paint if they are on the horizontal. Then I tied a piece of string between the two pins and hey presto had something to suspend the ice from.

I had the string with handcuff key already frozen, but after the sore wrists from the upright spreaderbar hogtie I did, I wasn't going to use cuffs for a few days. I fed the loose end of the frozen string through the ring of a small folding Swiss Army penknife. Then I tied off the frozen string in the centre of the string hanging between the two door frames.

I quickly went off to get my suitcase straps I use for bondage. I also wanted to try a Dominic Woolfe style tape gag, so brought back a small pair of ankle socks and some duct tape. I hardly ever use tape these days.

These suitcase straps allow you to pull on the end to tighten in place which is pretty cool for a self bondage nutter like me. Only trouble is the wrists tend to be loose and need a bit of cinching. As I have cut some of the straps to size I had a bit left over so I looped the excess strap into a double loop and tightly tied the ends. My wrists could fit snugly, and a small cable/zip tie would be the cinch.
I also used a bit about three foot in length and knotted that too. This was to be the hogtie join from wrist to ankle.

I also wanted a way to stay under the ice cube. I screwed a screweye into the floor (straight through the carpet, into the wooden chipboard underneath) between where the tops of my thighs would be tied, and fed a 2 foot piece of rope through the eyelet and knotted the ends tight.

I quickly strapped my ankles together with the metal strap holder at the front of them so I wouldn't be able to reach. I made sure I put the hogtie loop between my two ankles before I tightened everything up.

Next up was to strap the knees above and below.
The tighter the hogtie you do, the more the top knee rope or strap digs into you, so I left this a little more slack than I usually do.

I stuffed the ankle socks into my mouth (one was enough to fill me to the brim)then I ripped of several layers of duct tape and pressed it over my lips sealing the socks deep in my mouth. Trying to speak was impossible and the only sound I could make was a kind of grunting from my throat. I ripped off more tape and taped ear to ear and then some more, I placed under the chin to make sure my mouth was tightly taped.

I strapped my arms to my body under my breasts next, and got onto my stomach, laying under the ice cube. I wriggled my way to where the screweye was inches from my fanny and I pulled my legs up to start the hogtie.

I started off the cable tie loosely. I put one wrist into the looped coil of the strap I had prepared for the wrist tie. I fed the hogtie strap through the rope to the floor and pulling my ankles down to almost my bum, I pulled the wrist coil through the cable tie and also through the hogtie strap before squeezing my other wrist into the coil.

All I had to do now was get the wrist strap comfortable and pull the cable tie tight to cinch the wrists.

I was now at the mercy of the room temperature to melt the ice so the folding knife would fall near to me, but also to melt on me. I knew that it would take a the best part of an hour to melt which was why I used the straps to make the tie quick to maximise the water torture.

While I was trying to get out, I had the luxury of trying to rub off this tape gag. Now when I was younger and only used the 1 or 2 strips of tape it was easy for me to rub my face on a shoulder or carpet or pillow to dislodge it. It took 15 minutes of really hard blowing to even make a dent in making it loose. My ears were popping like I was on an aeroplane! Every time I got to a stage where I felt it loose enough to try to rub off, the shear volume of tape I used on my face just made me rub the gag back down firm again. The only way was to eventually force the sock packing into the wad and push it off. It still hung annoyingly on my face so I gave up with it. Half ungagged I decided to bite back down on the soggy sock for the comfort factor, while the ice dripped on me until the knife dropped and I could cut the cable tie and free my wrists.

Wouldn't say the tie was overly strict but the tape gag was good until I blew it off. Definitely needs a wrap around the entire head to keep it from moving. I guess I will have to invest in a box of vet wrap for when I do it again.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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Anonymous said...

emma why not next time leave no freDom device?. Be found by P and at his mercy as to when released.

Charlie xx xx