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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Cross legged Hogties.

Well following on from my escapade getting the fan, it was only right to use it today in a little self bondage hogtie.

Recently, I have seen a lot of lovely young ladies being tied up in crosslegged hogties. Well I haven't tried one of these for years! It was time to rectify it.

Now this is a different position entirely to the normal ankle to ankle tie as the rope cinching is done differently. Normal ankle ties cinch ankle to ankle with the cinch between, and is comfortable. With Cross legged ties, you deliberately tie the ankles in a cross which is a little unyeilding and the cinch basically keeps the heel of one foot snug against the shin of the other leg when it is cinched.

I sat down crosslegged and tied mine like this, only to find it really does splay your legs open.
I did find it easier to move around inching my way across the floor on my tummy as there is a lot more flexibility giving you the wriggle room.

The trouble I seemed to have was when I wanted to rest up and move onto my side for a breather, or to aid in a direction change. Because you have your legs splayed open, you are making it harder for yourself to turn onto the side, much the same way as a wider base gives stability from toppling over. Your instict says close the knees and roll, which you do, but as the ankle cinch pulls in the opposite direction it is intended for, so you pinch the ankles when the knees close together. I guess I tied my cinch to tight again, but its not bondage with out some tight rope here or there :-D

If you tie the cinch too tight, it becomes a little painful on the ankles, when you thrash around on the floor and bring the knees close together in an attemt to try to move around. Now, "a right bastard", could use this as a form of torture if they were to tie the ankles first and then pull the legs together to tie the knees, so be warned!

Comparing the Crosslegged Hogtie to the Classic Hogtie,(the classic being the ankles tied, then the knees tied and and then hands tied before pulling the feet up into the hogtie); you have much more movement to move over a distance albeit on you stomach.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

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