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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This story amused me being an Aussie and all that. Come on, ride'm you beaut!
here is the link if you are interested.
May also have something to say about the odd stupid drunk, and why not to get that bad too :-D
Emma x

A drunk tourist is lucky to be alive after he was bitten in the leg by an 18ft crocodile whilst trying to ‘take it for a ride’.

Fatso, a saltwater crocodile, snapped at the 36-year-old man who had climbed over a fence and entered his enclosure in Broome Crocodile Park in northwest Australia. The man had been kicked out of a pub for drunken behaviour shortly before.

Fortunately the tourist from eastern Australia was shown mercy by Fatso, who let him go after mauling him and leaving him with lacerations to his right leg.

Broome Police Sgt. Roger Haynes said: “Once the crocodiles get hold of you, they are not renowned for letting you go. “He's lucky to have escaped with his life."

The man, who isn’t being named due to embarrassment and injury, was treated with 12 stitches following his dangerous encounter. Saltwater crocodiles are the largest of all living reptiles and can grow up to 23 feet (7 metres) long.

The adult crocodiles can tackle larger prey, including humans. They are not fussy eaters, and almost any mammal at the water’s edge will be attacked.

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