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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Paula In Chains - Part 1 - (Fiction story by little old me :-))

Now all through my childhood watching the reruns on TV, I have been fascinated about the heroines always getting tied up and gagged and saved by the hero at the last minute, usually from a fate worse than death. Okay, it usually was death, but sometimes the endings went along the lines of being sold to Arab sheiks for their harems; or kidnapped and taken to be the concubine of some evil despot; or the cowboy saving the heroine from the Indians who were riding off with her.

Now as I got older, I still loved watching these shows, but with a more critical eye. The ropes seemed tied okay, but then the villains stupidly stuck a single strip of tape over the damsels’ mouth to gag her, or more often than not, a handkerchief tied as an over the mouth gag. It would have taken me about a minute to blow my cheeks together and rub them off.

The good thing was that as a young child growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, the damsels and sometimes a hunky guy would be trussed up and gagged. Usually with a bit of mouth packing or a knotted handkerchief or bandanna that was forced between their teeth to keep them quiet. To my now critical eye this was much better than the 50s and 60s TV, as the bondage was much more realistic. I would never say the shows were better though as I will always prefer a dark Noir plot that was the TV in the 50s and 60s, but hey I am just telling you how I came to get a feel for bondage.

Now kids being kids we went out to play all hours of the day. Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, and all those sorts of games were the order of the day. Now going out and playing with boys, and boys being boys; us girls more often than not, had to be the robbers or the Indians and were always captured, or caught. Then the boys would take out toy handcuffs or bits of string and ties us up. Well the string could have been a bit of a handful as there were so many tiny knots, but was easily broken, and the handcuffs always had the push button release to get out of. Getting away was usually quite easy, and so the games continued like that for a while.

When some bright spark brought a length of clothes line into the game when I was 12 or 13, that's when I got my first initiation of being tied up properly. He tied me to a tree, and was wrapping the rope around my hands, when I remarked I would easily get out of it the way he was tying me. So he pulled my arms around behind my back and the tree and then tying me up. He used the entire length of the line around my chest and developing breasts, and round and down to my knees, and then left me tied there.
Then as boys will be boys, they got bored and went off to play some other game forgetting about me and I was left tied to this tree for ages.

Now at first it was a game and you struggle to get free. Then you get frustrated and get angry and shout and swear then after a while you get all tearful at being stuck there, then I guess you resign yourself to fate and just accept you are a prisoner with no escape. Now while the game was played I enjoyed the rubbing rope over my breasts and my nipples became quite hard and sensitive. I also felt the first stirrings of lust in my loins.

When I was eventually let go I went home and touched myself remembering the feelings of being tied up and that's when I can say I had my first orgasm. Mum eventually found out all the rough boys were tying the girls up and went mad at us, while Dad just shook his head and laughed when he found I was tied to the tree most of the day.

Then it was dares with my sisters about who could escape before that too became distracted with boys with cars and going out with them. Self bondage occurred when I tied myself up and gagged myself but it was always unsatisfactory as I could always get out. I couldn't fathom a way of tying my hands behind my back like the boys did, and those toy handcuffs were growing to small to use. A coiled loop was the best I could muster at the time and twisting my hand in one direction over the other to tighten it.

Then through my teens and early twenties I eventually had the freedom and money to buy a set of handcuffs, and that's when the adventures really began. I was going out with guys and sometimes they would tie me to the bed and "take me", like I wanted, but mostly they were uncomfortable with this. It was blowjob rewards that persuaded them, but I guess what I needed was that tied up helplessness from my childhood. The guys were always concerned they were tying me to tight or were hurting me when I was groaning in pleasure.

This led me back to pursue the self bondage route. Now with the Internet and a keen bondage mind willing to learn new tricks, my collection of bondage gear increased from that first pair of cuffs, to several pairs of handcuffs, various sized ball gags, a harness ball gag, a couple of hoods, several straps, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and several lengths of chain with assortments of differing sized padlocks. I learnt to make some leg spreader bars out of eye screws and sawed to size broom handles, which I painted the obvious dungeon black. I had made several sizes of spreader bar, one very large, about four and a half foot in length, a few about two foot in length, to tiny ones I could use as a wooden bit gag. I even had a chastity belt, not that I needed it as I was between boyfriends more often than not. Of course the obvious thing to do was to insert a vibrating egg or bullet on variable pulse mode and wear the chastity belt though the bondage. My collection of sex toys grew at the same rate as the bondage toys. I kept all of these goodies in a large suitcase tucked under the bed.