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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Paula In Chains - Part 2

I had also adapted the apartment a little to accommodate my bondage ideas. I drilled holes in the wall for picture hooks, but behind these pictures was always an eye screw I could tie a rope or padlock a cuff to.
The bed was brass framed so ropes or cuffs could easily be tied to the head or foot boards, if I felt like a spread-eagle bed tie. There were so many possible ways to be tied, and I wanted to try them all.

Well they always say when you practise self bondage you should always be safe and have plenty of backup escape plans just in case. I had started using balloons in the room with the key inside. Cuffed and chained and blindfolded it was novel at first finding the balloon with the key and popping it to gain release. These short time games also left me unfulfilled. So thanks to the Internet again. I learnt of the ice method of release. Freezing the key or freezing string and the key so the ice melts and the key eventually drops to the floor or a waiting hand, would allow me to be free, but keep me suitably tied for the time it would take the ice to melt. This was much more suitable for my wants and needs. But you should always have a person on hand just in case you do get into difficulties. It’s always better to be really embarrassed but alive than being dead. So that's what I did, and part of the reason my secret bondage lifestyle got found out.

I had left work at lunch after clearing my desk. I couldn't see the point of making myself try to look busy for the office when it wasn't the case. I Okayed it with my boss and he told me to get out of there and have fun for the weekend. Its great having a boss that acknowledges that when the push comes to shove, you stay and help out, and when there is a slack period he doesn't mind us slinking off.

Getting home just after 2pm I was wondering what I should do with myself when kicking my shoes off in the bedroom I kicked them against the suitcase with all my gear in. Well I hadn't played for a while and it seemed like a good omen to do so.

I went off for a quick shower to freshen up and to use the toilet. I didn't want any nasty accidents to happen while I was tied up. Now what position and what to wear. I hadn't done a standing spread-eagle tie for ages so decided on this. Normally I am naked when I tie myself up but as I had the afternoon off and there was lots of time to play, I decided I would wear my black waist cinch corset, which stopped just under my breasts, but would also push them up and enhance them. It would make my breathing a little shallower as it was constricting on my lower ribcage, but I was used to this sort of bondage. I also put on my black calf length stiletto boots. I wanted a bit of height to reach the eye screws to padlock my wrists to, and standing awkwardly in these boots in the same position would also torture my feet a little. I would need every little distraction, as I would be using a very powerful vibrator too.

I took out my Hitachi Magic Wand. It is the most powerful vibrator I own and I have a little trick where I had purchased a timer that would turn it on for 15 minutes and then turn off for 15 minutes on a cycle. 15 minutes is much to long for this vibrator and I am always left gasping and weak legged after its use. I never use the full power button either as I think I would pass out from it assaulting my clit for that length of time.

But hell I had the afternoon off and an assault on my senses was long over due, so I picked up a vibrating egg and popped it into my already wet fanny. I had a small length of rope I use as a crotch rope, so I double looped it around my waist and passed the free ends between my thighs and labia lips to hold the egg inside me, and tied the crotch rope tightly at my back. I also took out of the suitcase the harness for the Magic Wand. I strapped the belt around my waist and dropped the bulbous head of the wand into its holder on the belt. I lubricated the bulb with KY gel and positioned the head of the wand against my pussy positioning it slightly off centre of my clitoris and then fed the loop through my legs and strapped the belt tight so no amount of struggling would dislodge the wand from my sweet spot. I tucked the Egg control into the belt along with the wands power lead.

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