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Monday, 16 August 2010

Paula In Chains - Part 3

I picked up the timer, a two foot long spreader bar, two small lengths of chain and four more padlocks that all use the same key and my leather hood and walked out into the hallway and dumped them on the floor beside the bookcase. Now I am lucky enough to have a bit of a larger hall than most people and to fill the space I bought a nice battered old bookcase I saw in a flea market. It’s been used many times to hold the ice for the ties I do in my hallway. I took two pictures down and placed them resting against the bookcase. With out the pictures on the wall you could see the eye screws I had put there. The eye screws are positioned four feet apart and six foot from the floor. Little old me, being only five foot four inches tall had get an old boyfriend to give me a hand. As soon as he went I removed the screws he had put into the wall with the eye screws.

I placed the keys locking the cuffs to my wrist on a shelf on the bookcase, and then picked up the hood. I semi pulled off the blindfold section. The hood has removable gag and blindfold which attach by popper studs. So leaving the leather blindfold dandling from the side of the hood I positioned the ball of the gag in my mouth and moved the small breathing holes in front of my nostrils and I tightly laced up the hood.

I walked to the freezer and took out the string I had frozen in the ice tray and a saucer to catch the drips, and walked back into the hallway.

I tied all the keys I was using to a length of string and tied this string to the eye screw closest the bookshelf. The end with the keys I tied to one end of the frozen string and the other end of the frozen string I pinned to the top of the bookcase. When the ice melts in an hour, the weight of the keys would drop and I would feel the keys swing to the floor brushing my hand as the signal for me to try to get loose.

All that was left for me to do was text my friend Jane I had the afternoon off and to come over about 6 pm so we could go to dinner and a bar. I told her to let herself in case I was tied up with something or in the shower. I smiled at my little pun when I pushed the send button.

I pushed the timer into the wall socket and plugged in the wand into the timer. Then I dropped to my knees and padlocked the spreader bar to my legs and then tottered over the wall with the small chains. I pushed the chains through each of the eye screws and padlocked my left wrist to the wall. I turned on the vibrating egg to a variable pulse, pushed the wand button on and snapped the blindfold over my eyes leaving me in the dark. It was tricky with just one hand to loop the chain through the d ring on my wrist cuff but eventually I snapped the padlock shut on the chain and was effectively trapped until the ice melted.

The spreader bar was wide enough to keep me tottering about in my heeled boots and the egg was humming away nicely in my vagina. The corset was snug and the ball gag a good fit and not making my jaw ache. All in all I was having a great time dreaming about being some slave girl trust up to the dungeon wall waiting for the jailer to come, or the dark Arab sheik to take me to the harem and deflower me.

Then my concentration was broken with a jolt. A jolt between my thighs to be exact. The timer for the wand had started and was assaulting my sex with no let up. I tried to buck the wand from my pussy but the harness held it firmly against me. My initial screech into the gag had turned in seconds to moaning pants and gasps. When the wave of orgasm crashed over me I was literally shouting into my gag.
The reason I had chosen the hood for this escapade rather than a ball gag and blindfold was the hood would muffle more of the sound of my crying orgasms.

After an eternity the wand stopped, leaving me a dishevelled panting wreck, but the egg was still working its evil attack on my sex and another orgasm hit me. I tried to distract myself by pulling on the chains. I knew this was hopeless as only the key would unlock the padlocks. I resorted to digging my nails into my palms and to stand in a more awkward position, but the spreader bar just kept me tottering slightly off balance. Then another bout from the wand kicked in. I cried out at the attack on my engorged clitoris. Women are sensitive to the touch after an orgasm, but the spreader bar keeping me from closing my legs and the harness holding the wand to me was horrible torture. I was crying out on pain and pleasure as the orgasms kept coming. I was crying out, panting, shouting, cursing myself, bucking the harness with my hips, as my knees weakened I slid down the wall and was hanging from my wrists. After a while I managed to drag myself up into a standing position.

My shoulders were on fire from being spread-eagled and then hanging by my wrists. I needed the pain in my body. I wanted more pain in my body. I would have done anything just to make the wand stop. After the wand attacked my crotch for the third time I was almost crying from the pain and pleasure. As the wand assaulted my sex I slipped down the wall trying to shut my knees and was left panting in a hanging heap when the wand stopped. I just hung limply from the wall, not caring about the pain in my wrists.
I was exhausted now and with a conscious effort I managed to get to a standing position, when I thought I heard a faint noise, but as the wand came on and I cried out again from the orgasms that seemed to roll continuously over me now. Why hadn't the key fallen it was an hour now. I was never tied long enough for the wand to kick in for the third time. Between whimpering and shouting continuously through the orgasms to follow, I knew I was in serious trouble and had to get out. Thrashing around in my darkened world just this side of hysterical I had to calm down. Panicking when you are trussed up like a chicken always got you into more trouble. I tried to breathe deeply. I needed to think thoughts of escape rather than Cumming. I stretched out for the eye screw to feel for the string, and that's when I noticed it was dangling loosely. There was no weight of the key on the end. I was so dejected I slumped down the wall again with an anguished cry.

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