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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Paula In Chains - Part 4

That was when I felt the pull of the blindfold and the popper-studs. Light flooded into my hood and I blinked away the darkness, to see Jane standing before me. She pulled on the gag popper-studs released the ball in my mouth and drool flowed over her fingers and down my chin.
Dazed I asked her what was she doing here this early, and her reply was she just decided to come over early as she hadn't anything on that afternoon.
I felt the burning sting of humiliation in my cheeks being found by her. I was also a little angry. I looked to see why the keys hadn't dropped to my hands, when she held them up in front of my nose with a pair of nail scissors I guess she had in her bag.

"You weren't kidding about "being tied up" or something were you?" she grinned. "When I was outside the door I thought you were being murdered or something with all the noise you were making so I let myself in. When I saw you, Paula I thought someone had broken in and chained you to the wall. Then I looked again and saw the vibrator, and then I found the ice with the key. I assumed you did this yourself."

I nodded sheepishly.
"So you like bondage then, do you? Well that's silly you must do if you tied yourself up. I've only been tied up once by a boy to have sex. So how long have you been into this shit then?"
I recounted my youth and the TV shows and how I was turned on by it ever since.
Jane kept up the questions. What it was like to have orgasms forced on you? How often I did it? What did I use? I told her about the suitcase under the bed. Like a child rushing to open a Christmas present she dashed off to the bedroom bringing the suitcase back into the hall.
She sat on the floor going though the coils of rope and chain, the straps, the gags, she looked puzzled by the harness gag and I had to guide her how it was put on. She fingered the handcuffs lost in thought for a minute, then made a suggestion that stunned me.
"Let’s not go out tonight. I'll go home and get a few bits and a change of clothes and I'll bring a Pizza back. Then you can show me how all this stuff works. Take it in turns."
My jaw dropped and all I could do was nod and say "Can you let me go now please I've been standing like this over an hour."
"I'll let you go, as long as you let me tie you up first." I nodded again and Jane unlocked the padlocks and my wrists drooped to my sides. She knelt and unlocked the spreader bar and I slipped down the wall in relief. That’s when she padlocked the D rings of my ankles together.
"I didn’t know you meant right now." I protested, but she mumbled something about no time like the present to get started. I was too tired to fight. I took off the harness holding the magic wand, and was about to start untying the crotch rope.
"No don’t you dare take that off. I want you to leave what ever it is in you.”
"It is a vibrating egg, but the batteries have worn down after all this time." I said but stopped trying to loosen it.
Jane pulled my hands behind my back and padlocked the wrist cuffs together, and now I was helpless. Not to the power of the vibrator but to my friend Jane.
"I'll put that gag and blindfold back on you now and I'll be about half an hour to get back here, ok?"
"I guess I don’t have any choice in the matter do I?" I replied and Jane came back with "Guess not!"
I felt the gag trust back into my mouth and studs pressing it shut, then the blindfold which left me back in my darken prison.

I heard rummaging in the suitcase and then the tug of the control for the egg. I guess Jane had seen the stack of fresh batteries and had replaced them. Thankfully she had the control set to off.

Then I felt the cold leather circle the tops of my knees and I grunted as the belt was pulled tight.
That’s when I felt the bulb of the wand being thrust between my thighs and guided onto my clit. I shook my head in protest and mmphed my disapproval, but Jane was already tightening another strap across the tops of my thighs forcing me to hold the wand against myself. Then I felt her pass a long belt under my thighs. She pushed my back down so I was sitting with my breasts touching my knees and then she tightened this belt crushing my boobs into my legs. Then another belt was passed through the small gap between my legs and stomach and the belt was tightened forcing my arms to my back. And yet another belt was passed above my elbows and tightened so my elbows were almost touching. I grunted through the gag again and realised how helpless Jane had made me. I could hardly move at all.

Then I felt the whir of the egg kick into life. Jane was working her way though the settings until she found the most powerful constant setting and tucked the control between my breasts and laughed as I started to moan in pleasure from the egg. Then the wand came to life and I jumped in the air. She had set the wand to its most powerful setting.

I felt her kneel down and brush against me.
"Well I am off now Paula, but I am going to leave you wondering. Have I left the vibrator on your timer, or will it be on for the entire time I am gone." I could hear her laughing as she patted me on the leather hood, and I heard her walk off closing the door behind her, as the first of the orgasms hit me like a sledgehammer and had me crying into my gag.


steve said...

Great story Emma, i loved it. More please.
Steve x

Emma Bond said...

More stories Steve, or a continuation of this one?
Glad you liked it.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Hi, want to ask for more too. For me more of this one please. ;-)

Emma Bond said...

I have done more of this one. its a few weeks later. There is a crotchrope and a Hitachi with the two bound beauties lying on each other while bound and gagged.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

I love reading this story and have read it lots of times x it’s so much fun x

Lisa x

Emma Bond said...

Hi Lisa, I am pleased that you like the story.
It is my first bondage story and my favourite too.
E xx