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Monday, 9 August 2010

Peters Standing Spreadeagle Tie

Howdy to you all out there in Bondageland.
So what have I been up to last week. Friday we went off to Newmarket to see the sport of Kings. Okay I lie. Peter and his mates went to see the gee-gees race, I went along to see the concert afterwards with Madness. Yes Suggs still looks cool and has still got it. It's 34 years ago they got together. (O.M.G how old I am, lol).

Anyway after getting back, it was a lazy weekend, but I did get my grubby hands on Peter and tied him up to play with. Well chaining him up, to be more exact.

I had him put on the leather wrist and ankle cuffs and made him stand against the wall of the spare room. Quickly, I took down the two pictures on the wall and he was a little surprised when he noticed I had previously unscrewed the screws holding up the pictures and had replaced them with eyescrews.

He said "Oh I am to be a prisoner in your dungeon?" or some such cliche.

Anyway I took out some small lengths of chain and slipped these in through the cuffs D rings and padlocked first one wrist then the other to the eyescrews in the wall.

I went to the suitcase containing our bondage, stuff under our bed, pulled out a spreader bar and a few other things and was ready to finish tying Peter up.

I had him standing and splay his legs open and padlocked the spreader bar to his ankle cuffs. Now he was my helpless little plaything.

I undid the straps for our muzzle gag head harness, which hardly ever gets used I must add, and after inserting its ball gag into Peters mouth, I strapped his head up nice and tight. It really is a cool gag, as you cant talk, as the straps pull the chin up to close the mouth, while the neck straps pull the ball tighter into your mouth. All you can do is grunt or make throaty moans, and that's it!

Now all sorts of things for what I could do were running through my head now, so I lubed up a vibrating butt plug I bought for Peter a while back, and inserted it up hit botty. Well, to keep it in place, I just had to use that chastity belt thing I got him for a naughty Christmas present a while back that straps his cock down in an erection. I certainly didn't want him pushing the plug out and getting "comfortable" any time soon.

Well after a little teasing and gentle tugging he was as stiff as a board so I slipped his cock and balls through the special gap in the belt and strapped his belt in place. I slipped a condom on him and strapped his penis into the erection straps and strapped his balls gently to the belt too.

As Suggsy sang "Ohh what fun we had. . .". Well oh what fun I was going to have!
Then it was getting to work making him squirm with the magic wand on his balls, as he flinched in agony when the vibrating bulb of the wand touched them. Which I might add, looked as hard as walnuts.

On and off I jammed the bulb of the wand against the straps holding down his cock so the vibrations ran through the straps, his cock and the whole belt. I knew Peter was close to cumming, as he started to breathe heavily and threw his his head back with his eyes closed. That's when I turned the power off. I let him cool off a little bit before jamming the bulb tight against the belt and the head of his penis, on full power, and left it there until he shot his bolt.

After making him cum, I gently stroked the the wand of the bulb up and down his shaft and over his balls. Now I have told you before, Peter has the most sensitive balls, so I had to, didn't I. He was bucking and squirming trying to pull them away. Afterwards he said it made him feel queasy when I touched the wand to them ;-)

I didn't want him to get off lightly after all the forced orgasms he made me sit through, so I tied the wand to a crotch rope and left it hanging, touching his cock to try to make him cum again. Peter was powerless to stop me anyway, and then I went off to get a drink for us both. Yep I put the wand on full blast again.

I guess I had desensitised Peter too much, as he hadn't cum again when I came back after 15 minutes or so.

I released his cock from his strapped up prison, removed his condom and gave his penis a little wipe, and wanked him off again. This had better results, and he was soon moaning into his gag, before I forced the second orgasm out of him.

After letting him down, and freeing him from the belt and the plug I asked him what it felt like having the plug whirring away at the same time as the wand. He then told me not much. It didn't get him going the way I wanted it too, GRRRR! This butt plug doesn't seem to do anything for him!

Then we went and fooled around in the shower, with me taking extra special care to make sure Peters penis and balls were all nice and soapy and clean :-D

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steve said...

Lucky Peter....;-)