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Monday, 4 October 2010

Gemma Arteton

I came across this in a group I am in and it made interesting reading for me. Have a look and see.

"Gags... and the British actress.
by Silkhawk 2 days ago

I read in an interview on MSN News about 2 months ago with British actress Gemma Arterton(sic) (my new crush - kinky and otherwise) that the directors had her gagged in one scene but it wasn't tight enough. She could still talk through it, and this annoyed her. Now we all know what may be wrong here, many things of course, but to know she loves a good proper gagging just fills me right up to bursting point. She was complaining about their insincerity with the gagging scene. If you wish to google her she was last seen (ungagged) in Prince of Persia and Tamara Drew. She's very properly british and her accent alone (and this is from me, a fellow Englishman) is deeply soft and sexy you'd want to hear more of it unstifled... However, to hear it muffled and to hear her beg playfully not to be gagged with that soft sensual english accent... Ding Dong."

Well thanks to Silkhawk, this lady has now gone up in my esteem for realism in films. I guess you know my opinions that it isnt real bondage with out a nice big, thick gag of some sort. You want to get into the zone, so to speak, of your little bondage world and I guess Miss Arteton wanted to join us all.

Now imagine her dressed in the stockings and school girl outfit from Ronald Searles St Trinians, and add some rope and that gag she seems to want tied nice and tightly . . . mmmmmm
Every boys fantasy I bet.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

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