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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Maria Shadoes - Rest in Peace

Maria Shadoes passed away a few days ago.

Rest in peace.

It seemed she had been unwell for a little while but was carrying on as usual.
From the information from her website, it seemed she was having problems with severe blood infections in July and was in and out of hospital quite a bit. It hasn't come to light what the final outcome was but that is unimportant and a private matter for her friemds and family.

Needless to say, for those that have never heard of this lady before, she worked a lot with Lew Rubens, one of the classiest riggers around on before going her own way and setting up

She loved the appeal of bondage. Being tied up, was a nice thing to be, for her, and she also moved into some rigging too. It's such a shame, and so sad, to be taken away at so young an age. Early to mid 40's is no age to die.

She will live on in the hearts and minds of her friends and family, and will be remembered by those in the fetish comunity, from the pictures and videos she appeared in. While there are people to look upon these, she will never really die.

Emma x


BIg Brother said...

Stage 4 lung cancer...diagnosed in June.

Anonymous said...

so very very sad, loved seeing this lovely lady

Anonymous said...

Suzie was my strength. .she taught me to fear nothing and that I could do anything with that strength. We fished , camped, fourwheeled spur 10 Noth Fork of the Snoqualmie river. She loved her dog Shadoe more than life itself...thats where she got the name she used from. She was the bravest brightest person Ive ever known. She tought everyone she knew something great. She stimulated your brain and she worked harder than any man I know. I will always love my Suzie Q! Endlessly Kat