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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Top Ten Ways Christmas Has Changed Due to the Economy...

I have to say that I love Christmas.
What I cant stand is the shops have been getting ready for it since the beginning of November and even before in some instances. I know they have to plan their displays and order in a load of stuff, but why have it out for us so early?

Well that's the Bah Humbug bit out of the way until next time.

I did come across a few amusing titbits on the various websites I trawl, and will be linking the odd one or two for your amusement. The first was by the Wet Spots a few days ago with a little ditty called "Fist me this Xmas". Not bad hey? And who said Canadians weren't funny and witty people? I know they are as I lived there a little while.

Now here is something I picked up on about the economy being shot to bits and how we will have to economise this Xmas.

10) Twelve Days of Christmas now down to ten and a half.
9) "Ho, Ho, Ho" replaced by exasperated sigh.
8) Three out of eight maids a milking on unemployment.
7) Yule log has to last all year.
6) Frosty the Snowman now a depressed, melancholy s...oul.
5) Letters to Santa include resumes.
4) Tinsel recycled for cash.
3) People hoping to get coal in case gas gets shut-off.
2) Out of town company staying through next Christmas.
1) Getting a meat and cheese assortment or fruitcake, not such a bad gift.

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