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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

T'was The Week Before Xmas Emma's Tied Up In The House . . .

T'was The Week Before Xmas, Emma's Tied Up In The House . . .
Ropes Were Tied Tight; Ball-gagged, She Squeeled Like A Mouse!

Okay enough of all that poetry lark! I've just had an intense little bondage session. Well I say little but it lasted over an hour.

Because of the snow and Peter saying "Sod it. I am working from home today" I had the pleasure of his company all day(22 Dec). He shovelled a bit of snow off the drive this morning and then got down to it. He didn't even stop for lunch.

Then about half past three, he asked me to come up to the bedroom. He had laid out three belts, the handcuffs, a small spreader bar and the 1 3/4 inch ball gag with the wide strap. It's the one that really makes me drool all over the place.

He had put on the central heating and told me to strip. I hate the cold in winter so started to moan about it, when he told me I would be put in nipple clamps if I didn't hurry up. He is so bossy when he gets a Dom on, lol.

So I quickly stripped out of my jeans and my jumper until I was left in my bra and panties. Then he told me to take them off too. I shivered in the cool bedroom but heard the radiator kick in to life and that cheered me up a little.

Peter told me to sit in the middle of the bed. He the threw the leather leg cuffs at me and told me to put them on. I buckled them up and then he tossed the small spreader bar in front of me and told me to padlock it to the D rings of the cuffs. Once I had that locked in place he told me to turn around and kneel with my back to him. He inspected the cuffs and then he tightened them up another notch. I squealed a bit as the cuffs pinched, then eased; as the buckle moved into the next hole and the pressure eased off sightly.

He threw me a belt and told me to place the belt into a welded metal ring and then to tighten it around my waist. Next up he tossed me two small suitcase wraps that I use for frog-tying, and he told me to make sure that I tightened it up properly this time! I made a ring and slipped my thigh and calf into this, kneeling down, and pulled the strap tight. Peter was watching me so I pulled it as tight as I could and then did the other leg.

He had the handcuffs in his hands and was fitting a padlock through the nearest link of the chain next the cuff, then he did the same with the other side shortening the links in the chain, so there was almost no give. He tossed them to me and told me to padlock this to the ring at the small of my back, just like they were.

I heard the lock snap closed with unmoving finality. I could feel how short they were and I would have no "reach room" like handcuffs give you when used the normal way.

"Do you want me to cuff myself." I asked him.

He threw me the gag and told me to make sure it was tight. I really hate this gag. It's a lovely fit, but somehow the wider strap presses the ball way behind the teeth so your lips are pressed against your teeth giving you a permanent toothy smile. Then it's just "drool central" until you can take the thing out.

I really hate drooling on myself. I think its erotic when looking at bondage photos, but then it's not me that is being dribbled on. Peter knows this, which is why he uses this gag on me so often.

"That's it, you can pull it another notch." So I did. "Now hands behind your back and cuff yourself. And make sure the cuffs are snug and not loose or you will get the clamps on your nipples."

I had to fiddle to do it but made sure they were not to tight, but not loose enough to get my wrist out. Peter checked them and nodded approval.

He picked up the two remaining belts and tightened one under my breasts pinning my arms to my back, and then the other one just above my breasts, which just went to squash them between the two belts.

"Now wriggle to me and come get the key." He dangled it in front of me. So I tentatively edged forwards, I was lucky I was on a nice soft mattress, as being on a floor is pretty hard going on your knees. I edged around the bed quite a number of times but Peter kept moving slightly farther away and by now I was drooling all down my chin and onto my breasts and the belts.

The spreader bar allowed a small side to side movement but it was hard on the bridge of my feet as they kept getting pinned under the weight of my thighs as I tried to edge forward in the frog-tie. I thought this tie was easy at first but it sure as hell wasn't once I was moving about!

All the weight presses down on the tops of your Tarsal and Metatarsals so you are forever wriggling your foot around to get comfortable. I tried sitting, leaning to one side, resting on my thigh and buttock with my feet pointing the opposite way, but realised I would have to spend effort to get upright and moving again.
The weight could be supported by my hands but the cuffs were digging into my wrists, and when I did this and I could only reach the bed with finger tips to push myself up. The belts pinning my arms were tight and I had no give to use elbows or upper arms as a support. It was an surprising effort to try to sit on my bum; trying to push the spreader bar fully under my bum. I just about managed to edge it forward enough to do it but the straps frog-tying me were a severe hindrance.

I sort of fell onto my back, and again any support from my hands made the cuffs dig into the wrists. I rolled onto my side not wanting the cuffs to click on my wrists tighter, and had to pull the spreader bar back under my bum and use it to pull myself upright again by pulling it as far back to my ankles while also trying to throw myself forwards to sit upright.

I decided that I had had enough of the position, and huffing and puffing I tried to lean far enough forward to fall on my stomach and ease myself into a sort of hogtie position. The trouble with all that was the effort and the huffing and puffing was now making me drooling all over the place. It was now running down my stomach and between my thighs. Just leaning a few inches forward and it was flowing out of my mouth!

Looking back on it now, I believe Peter had sat down and tried to work out just what a horrid position he could make me get into, so I was doing enough to be in discomfort but would have to endure it to be freed.

He pulled me upright onto the bed and ran his hand down my wet belly and over my pussy and slipped his fingers into me and kneaded away on my clit with his thumb until I shuddered to climax, crying out into the gag. He stood up on the bed facing me, dropped his trousers and pants shoving his cock in front of my face. I could smell his musky smell. (Well who couldn't if a guy waves an already excited cock right under your nose!)

He reached down and rubbed his hand under my chin wiping my drool and the scent of my orgasm over the gag and my mouth then he wiped it between my breast and started to fuck his cock between my breasts. After a few minutes of him grunting away, he got off the bed twisted me around and released one of the ankle cuffs so freeing me from the spreader bar. He pushed me down on the bed and pulled me to the edge, by my ankles, dragging the bed covers along with me. He shoved his cock into me and roughly fucked me until he made me orgasm again, before he shot his come to mix with my own drool and orgasmic juices.

I had to lay there for a few minutes to get my breath back before Peter came over with a warm soapy sponge and un-cuffed unbuckled the frogtie straps and removed the gag. As it popped out of my mouth, drool flowed down my face and over my breasts again leaving a streamer like trail of drool that hung between my chin and the ball of the gag. He reached out catching it and annoyed the hell out of me by wiping it and the dribble on my chin all over my face. Then he gently washed my face and body down with the sponge and dried me off.

He should work from home a lot more often. And I didn't have to wear nipple clamps either. Hooray.

Happy bondgage.
Emma x

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