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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Question:- Why does one like to be tied up?

Okay here is a question.
"Why does one like to be tied up?"

For me its a total release!
I have no power to do anything, as I have given all of that up to my captor.
It is also a release from the every day mundane things in my life like washing, cleaning or doing the dishes.
All I think about is moving about to try to make it less uncomfortable, while trying to think of ways to escape, of which there usually isn't any.
To me, the only thing with rope bondage is, I think I can somehow reach the knots to pick at them and escape that way. You feel there is a slim chance, where if you use cuffs padlocks and chains, there is no hope with out a key.

So come on, all of you out there in Bondageland. Drop me a line and let me know (all in the strictest of confidence of course) and we can compare notes :-))

Happy Bondage.
Emma x


Sirnige said...

Hi Emma

Nigel from Adelaide, Aust. here, I've sent you a couple of messages quite some time ago and have been meaning to drop you a line for ages. This seemed a great opportunity as I often wonder why I like bondage and the myriad of spin-off fetishes associated with it.

I find myself absorbed in thoughts such as, are certain types of people interested in restraint games, is it something to do with intelligence levels, our upbringing, socio-economic factors etc.....Am I just doing too much thinking and not enough doing bondage LOL

Anyway for me it is the range of feelings during the experience, when I am the one bound. From the excitement as my captor selects her ropes, the exact moment when my wrists are secured so that I can no longer get free, that initial struggling as I test my bonds, the defeat when I realise for certain that I am in for as long as she wants, as you mentioned - trying to get comfortable despite my predicament and finally the humiliation of having to beg for my release, last time I had to beg, very sincerely for 20 swats of the paddle to be untied before we turned the light out or I was going to remain there till the next morning.

I'm not sure how it works for you girls but once I'm released I have this feeling which is hard to describe, I suppose extremely soothing is a little like it, like when a strong pain killer kicks in.

Now here is something you may find interesting. While I have finally turned my wife around to occaisionally tying me, and she has the potential to be a wonderfully cruel mistress, she has made it clear that she isn't interested in sex as part of the bondage. Accidents are allowed but with a subsequent penalty which is determined at the time and before my release.

You know reading this as I'm writing, it all sounds a bit unpleasant and a lot of work but I can't wait till the next time I am gritting my teeth as the paddle lands on my rapidly reddening arse, or the sound of her snoring while I'm trying to get just a little comfy and get some sleep with my hands bound behind me in bed.

I hope this explains my feelings, or at least a few of them regarding bondage.

Thanks for an entertaining and informative blog BTW.

Best regards from Adelaide, I remember you're an Adelaide girl......:)


Emma Bond said...

Howdy there Nigel its been a while since we chatted, yep.
Certainly am, and thanks for the comments. In our case, the rest of the world think we are convicts and should be chained up lol
Emma x

madjack said...

Hi Emma

For me its all about trust in my partner and the thrill of surrendering my freedom to her.

I trust her totally, I would fight to my last strength against anyone else trying to tie me up (save myself, when I do a little solo playing of course!), but for her I'll fetch the rope and assume any position she desires!

The thrill is of the unknown experience that is to follow. We play for erotic fun, rather than power over each other - I'm not her slave or toy, in the same way she isn't mine when the roles are reversed. When she renders me helpless I am free, in a way, to enjoy the sexual play that will be sure to follow. I don't need to be creative or take the lead, I can simply give in to her skills and plans, without a worry in the world. The unknown element is also a huge part of this for me: what will she do? Has she a new idea to tease me with? If I'm blindfold and, even better, gagged she will have total control over my sexual fate for the next... 10mins, 30mins, 1 hour.. who knows?

Oddly (or maybe not) I don't take a fully passive role even when tied, I like to sneak a quick kiss, lick or teasing touch if I can - just for the dare of it. Often it produces what may be my secret desire and she'll say soething like 'I'll soon put an end to that little game' and another bondage will be added or a new torment will be applied.


Emma Bond said...

Howdy there MadJack, nicely put. You can tell, although I like being tied up, I dont like being anyones slave.
It's choice and sexual for me too. The unknown is always the scary part when you dont know whats to happen to you, or what positions you will be put in.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
I like to be tied up. First, I like the feeling of helplessmess, being unable to move as if my arms and legs had been taken away from me, being unable to speak and call, or beg, for release (I like to be gagged too), even being unable to see if I am blindfolded or hooded.
I also like the physical sensation of ropes against my body. I especially love when ropes are carefully wrapped around my wrists being my back, it sends shivers up my spine.

Jean-Philippe, north of Paris in france
Hogtiedfrenchy on fetlife