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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Stories published on Gromets Plaza

Howdy my bondage beauts, how is everyone out there in Bondageland?

Well having worked most of the Easter weekend and both weekends either side of that I hava had bugger all time for any playtime so dont ask.
I hope you lovely people have though.

Just to let you know I have had a few stories put up on GrometsPlaza a place for all good bondage stories.

I am currently working on some male bondage which Peter is helping me act out on, but then I have to keep him spread eagled between the double French door frames and have him hang around in the way.

Still he seemed to be enjoying some of the forced orgasms he had before the bloody quarter end accounts got in the way with the shittiest computer system known to mankind!

Anyway more to come on that one. Then there is a little tale of some scarf bondage I havent had time to do anything about, a Paula and Jane what happened next, and a new kidnap tale with a twist.

Gonna have to invest in an Ipad I reckon, but then I may miss my train stop home in all the fiction/semiautobiographical suff being written about.

Have a good'un.

Emma X

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