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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tens Units

Howdy guys and girls out there in Bondageland.
Just had a quick day off to go to the doctors.

Yep I am so run down and feeling crappy due to work I now have an ear infection now due to this bloody bug that's been going around. No time to recover has caused all this fluid in my ear and I am currently partially deaf in my right ear grrr!

They say every cloud has a silver lining though.

On the way to pick up a prescription (two boxes, each containing 8 of the tiniest tablets you have ever seen, in a huge box compared to the size, its no wonder the environment is up shit creak with out a paddle with unnecessary packaging); I came across some tens units for sale in the chemist of all places.

It was a few pennies short of £20 too. Bloody bargain if you ask me, and you were wanting to add a bit of spice into your bondage life. Now how naive am I hey? Didn't know they were sold over the counter in a drugstore.

Remember though, dont use them across the heart, or if you have a pace maker or other medical conditions that may affect your health.

Also I havent noticed until recently, but you guys have hit on various pages of my blog 350,000+ times, with 16000 viewers. Here's to the half a million.
Emma x

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