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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ballet Boot Training

Howdy guys and girls out there in Bondageland.

I thought I would keep you all posted on the ballet boots I bought a little while back.
I have been investigating the web and have come up with some helpful advice if you are training yourself to walk in them.

First off, one needs to understand a little about ballet boots and shoes.
They are nothing like en pointe ballet shoes you see the dancers wear on the stage. For one thing there isn''t a seven inch high heel under your heel keeping them from touching the floor, so you do have the luxury of putting your foot down when you are tired or in a bit of discomfort.

Secondly there are two types of ballet shoes they use in BDSM. One, is the ballet shoe or boot with very high heels used for standing and gingerly walking in. One for each foot.
The second type is a ballet splint. This is a device put on both legs and makes walking totally impossible.

So where did they come from. Back in history, aristocrats were seen in shoes with heels longer than the shoes themselves, so they could never walk in them! Ah to be carried around by buff naked musclemen all day. That would be fun, when it came to Tiffin time.

Now why do you want to wear them? Added height to your frame? You have to stand and have good posture. Does it make you easier to push into bed lol? Absolutely as you totter around. It's the sheer eroticism of looking at someone in them, for you shoe fetishists.

Before you walk in them you have to have a pair of ballet shoes or boots.
Obviously there are lots of differing opinions on the types of shoes you get so I wont say anything about that.

What size to buy?
Again lots of differing opinions and most confusing.
1) Buy a size bigger. You have more room to put padding in the toe area to protect your toes.
2) Buy the same size as you are. The tighter the boot is around the ankle means you have less room for your foot to slide down onto the toe.
3) Buy a size smaller, for the same opinion as above.

Toe protection.
I would suggest you try how they feel before committing to buy. Find whats best to you.
Please remember that ballet dancing shoes are quilted/padded and offer the toes some protection.
My ballet boots are knee length and I stuffed mine with cotton balls as it helped me stand a little longer in them today. You can buy proper pointe toe protectors cheap from dance stores or online, or make your own padding.

How does one walk in them?
The $64,000 question!
First off you should just wear the shoes or boots to get a feel of them on your foot. Don't rush to walk in them at first. Ballet dancers train years and only train to walk en pointe in their teens as a young body is not fully developed and will cause problems if you train to early in life.
Do ankle exercises to be able to stand in them. On a stair, stand over the edge of the lower step on the balls of your feet and raise slowly on your toes then lower yourself below the step height before returning to the flat.
Try just standing at first with just locking your knees and ankles to prevent tottering and just learn to balance.
Take small pigeon steps. I currently find that having the boots very close together so you can quickly put them together to gain your balance works for me. I can lock my ankles and knees and stand upright head up chest out. It helps you calm and gain balance. Walk along holding a mantle piece or a banister rail (only on the flat of course, not up an down stairs!) As you build your ankle strength up you should be able to last longer on your feet.

Peter and I were members of Charlotte Brookes and she walked around one of the fetcon conventions in ballet boots, tied and gagged, meeting and greeting for 9 or 10 hours.

So it is possible to walk around in them if one is very careful and look after yourself, and taking it slow. The alternative is to just lay or sit in them and just be tied up in them lol, but that would be a waste.

Some tips are to keep your toe nails short. Look after your feet. Don't exert yourself and if it hurts and you continue, just be gentle with yourself and not to be masochistic. A shoe full of bleeding toes wont be attractive and will ruin what could be the most erotic pair of shoes or boots you will ever own.

For further information go to the fetlife group Ballet Boots, or checkout the following website for tips hints and all other manner of answers to your questions.

Emma x

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