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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Catsuits, Corsets and Vibrators

Take your willing, submissive damsel.
Dressed in catsuit and black and white striped leather corset.
Tie her hands behind her back and then tie her ankles together.
Have her struggle to free herself within a set time frame.
She can not get free, so her punishment . . .
Add more rope to her body.
She can make no leeway in freeing herself.
Further punishment is required for not trying hard enough to escape.
A Magic Wand Vibrator is tied into a crotchrope between her thighs.
You make sure she cant shake it off, by lashing the vibrator
between her knee and thigh ropes.
She pleads for release but you stiffle her cries
 with a black ballgag, strapped tightly behind her neck.
You switch on the vibrator.
Her pleading moans now become moans of pleasure.
Her panting creates a flow of drool from her lips.
A wave of orgasms rack her body with pleasure.
Her breathing becomes laboured as the vibrator sends her wild.


John, Leeds said...

Thank you for sharing these pics.
There will be fellow kinksters up and down the land fervently saying "I wish"

Emma Bond said...

HiJohn, glad yu enjoyed the pictures. Lets not just wish. One needs to make things happen rather than wishing our lives away.
Emma x