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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mummification - continued

Well have had a little bit of feed back on the mummification piece I wrote on here a few weeks back. Thanks to everyone who dropped me a note. (See I do write back to everyone lol.)
I have one of my new friends permission to include his email on self bondage mummification.
If you try it be careful.

"Hi Emma, I do not mind you cutting and pasting this to your blog with my email address if you want. I am not worried about anonymity. Self Mummification is not as difficult as you'd imagine.
In fact it is possible to achieve inescapable mummification if you wished. Not recommended!
The planning: get a rope about 3 or 4 metres long, tie a knot in it about 5 feet from one end. Slide the end under a door, bedroom, bathroom, etc tie the end off round the handle.
The knot should be 6inches below the other handle. Push a pencil or rod through the knot.
Acquire some pallet wrap from the likes of D.H.L or Staples( the black stuff looks best when you are wrapped).
Start wrapping your legs from the ankles upwards doing 3or 4 full turns round all the way up.
When you have done it to your chest tear it off.
Then hop over to the door and slide the tube up the rope until it hits the rod through the rope.
Then throw the rope over the door and tie it tautly to the handle. It should now spin as you pull the end of the plastic.
Take a Stanley knife or blade and hold it in one hand. (Be Careful It Will Be Very Sharp.)
Start to turn round with the wrap at your hands, the wrap will be tighter if you get some resistance so either a corner of a wall or even the edge of the door.
The amount of times you turn gives you the tighter experience.
Give it a go.
I usually fall onto the bed, on my back so I can cut myself out later.
Now this seems a clever way to hold the roll of plastic wrap above the flat pencil through the knot allowing it to twist as its pulled. You can adjust the rope height to allow self mummification.
If you want to email Ken my new mummification Guru, his Email address is
Say I said Hello.

Now on to another point . . . 

Another of my other gurus has been Mummified by his mistress as its easier to do with two of you.
He recommends being hooded for sensory deprivation. You don't sense when the Dom/me is there and about to play until it actually happens. Being whipped in Pallet wrap protects the skin too!  Being hooded and unaware of what was happening added to his intensity, and even added a scary element to the scene.

If anyone has any comments, this little kinkster is all ears, and I want to hear all about it. Your anonymity is assured.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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