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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Bondage Workshop - Self Elbow Ties


Click on the link below

Now I have always wondered if you could do a self bondage elbow tie. This video link really hits the spot. Emma x


MawaKlamps said...

Wow that's amazing, looks pretty exhausting tho, I wouldn't have the energy to escape from that.

Emma Bond said...

Hi there MawaKlamps, I dont think I would have th energy to put myself in it lol.
Glad you enjoyed the clip.
Emma x

Pihla said...

Thanks for nice clips. This gives more inspiration for self bondage. Maybe I try to tie myself someday ;-)

Emma Bond said...

Hi Pihla, glad the clip is inspiring you.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Wow ...very sexy did you get out of it...cameraman? How long did you stay like that? I do not know how you managed to keep the huge gag in place.

selfbondage bound said...

Ellbowes selfbondage can be a lot of fun
if you got a good escape plan. ;)