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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Stacy Burke - Awesome Hogtie

Hi there boys and girls, I am finally back from Australia. Lots of friends were met along the way, but we are glad to be back in the UK. So few things in the wild that want to kill you unlike Aus lol. Peter and I went to see Big Sis(ter)in Canberra where it rained almost every day. As for the wildlife, we had to make do with three Kangaroos in the wild which were feeling sorry for themselves in the rain. At least we got out before all the snow started falling in the mountains where we go to ski. My nephew is huge now and my my niece moved off to Port Lincoln where she may have it in mind to catch her own Tuna fisherman :-)) Back to Sydney and the Blue Mountains where there seems to be many more cars on the road since I went back home 10 years ago now. Then we went off to Alice and Uluru. The only thing there were flies and Skinks. And a lot of drunk locals. The whole place seemed devoid of wildlife apart from the birds. So we flew in to Cairns for some snorkeling on the Reef and a trip to Cape Tribulation. Plenty of Salt Water Crocodiles there. It's also where Cook fixed the Endeavour when he hit the reef at night not realising where he was and how big it was. A fantastic place and yes, Peter and I were looking at houses in the area for when we want to go back. It will be a toss up between Halls Gap, Victoria and Cairns in Queensland, I think. The only trouble is it is so expensive there now. Swimming with Parrot fish, Clown fish (little cuties)and Moorish Idols, and white and black reef sharks and turtles hanging is extremely therapeutic. Sure beats Valium and stress pills Then we went off to Brisbane to meet my gay friend and his lovely partner. He is the best shop dresser in the city. Amazing guy who's family came from Beirut, who has a gift for languages. He never really went to school and only started learning to read and write when he was 25 while he was flipping burgers in Macdonalds. It was great to catch up with him, as he looked after me when we lived in the same apartment block in Sydney, way back then. He even took days off to show us around Brisbane, a place I hadn't been to since I was three! Anyway, the holidays over and the kinky feelings are back and refreshed. So here is an amazing video link to Stacy Burke who is put into a very strict back breaking hogtie by Julie Simone.

Extreme Hogtie Bondage 2 - MyVideo

Enjoy. Emma x

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