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Sunday, 9 February 2014




John said...

Hi Emma,

Many thanks for sharing this cracking clip (and the other recent ones).

I do hope that you will have time to enjoy some bondage yourself soon (all work & no play etc etc!)

Will you be inviting your friend Charlotte to play again?

Kinky regards

Peter Garvey said...

Hello, Dear Emma. The problem with "modern bondage videos" (as I see it) is that too many of today's bondage masters/mistresses/riggers feel as if THEY were the stars. ridiculous. utterly ridiculous. the bondage MODEL is the star. My hope is that some of these "Masters/Mistresses/Riggers" will see this comment, and realize (despite their apparently MASSIVE ego's) just how WRONG they are. I don't want to see THEM in every single scene. I want to see the beautiful young (or mature) women struggling helplessly, and futiley. Please see some of the older HOM, and California Star, productions to see what I mean. Rene Baker, Sharon Montgomery, Georgia Van Helsing, Anne Bruno, etc, etc. THEY didn't need an egotistical person in THEIR scenes. No. What THEY did was magical. I've gone on too long. God bless You, and Your site, My sweet English Bird.

PunkRockPervert said...

Hello Emma couldn't help but notice you too are from Essex and a bondage lover.. If you'd like to chat etc.. I use fetlife and collarme search punkrockpervert and hit me up.. If not I can give you my email x

Emma Bond said...

Hi there everyone. Glad you are enjoying the clips I linked.
Peter,I do hear what you are saying. Sometimes I like to see the tie and how its created.
I like the WWW.Bondagecafé.com style approach. Jim Weathers sometimes ties or changes the tie and then gets out of the clip unless he is using a vibrator on the damsel.
The clips you mention are all classic sites and I will try my best to find some for you all, as a juxtaposition on the current items I have linked.
Emma x